Shooting at Cookout Near Perkins Square Baptist Church: 7 Wounded and 1 Dead

Phil Davis via Twitter A mass shooting takes place near a church in Baltimore, Maryland.

On April 28, a reported shooting took place near Perkins Square Baptist church in Baltimore, Maryland near the 2500 Block Edmondson. More news is forthcoming, however, there are reports of at least seven victims. At 6:13 p.m., Baltimore police confirmed that one of the wounded victims has died. It appears that shooting was not directly related to the church, but an isolated event that took place at two cookouts happening nearby.

Acting mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young arrived on the scene around 7 p.m. and announced that a shooter walked up to this intersection and began shooting “indiscriminately into the crowd” at a cookout happening on both sides of the street off Edmondson Ave. Baltimore police. They currently on the search for the one suspect. Authorities believe the shooter was targeting someone in the cookout crowd, and that someone in attendance knows the suspect.

The suspect has been reported to be a black male. He approached the intersection in West Baltimore and began shooting into the crowd.

Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton tweeted, “Source who listened to ShotSpotter audio of west side shooting of five or more people happening now: “You can hear an ice cream truck in the background”

Kelsey Kushner of CBS News confirmed the shooting took place at a Sunday cookout near Edmondson Avenue, adjacent to Perkins Square Baptist Church.

There are reports of seeing the possible shooter, a male, fleeing the scene in a car. However, police reports that the suspect fled on foot. There were dozens of evidence markers set up near the corner of Edmondson and Whitmore as the investigation into the shooting in West Baltimore proceeds.

Alertpage was the first break the news, tweeting out the information at 5:34 p.m. ET, “Baltimore, Maryland 7 SHOOTING VICTIMS – 2500 BLK EDMONDSON – SEARCHING FOR ADDITIONAL VICTIMS #BREAKING”

A picture near the area shows the church was tweeted with the caption, “On the scene of a reported shooting, with scanner reports indicating as many as seven victims near a Baltimore church on Edmundson Avenue. Police have Edmundson Ave blocked at N. Warwick Ave.” WMAR2 News reported, “A neighbor told me a bunch of people were having a cook out when ‘someone rolled up and started shooting. 7 people shot. I asked if this is shocking or concerning, it happened steps from her door… and she shrugged and said ‘It’s Baltimore.'”

There is live video from the shooting area, in which streets are blocked off and police are surrounding the area.

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Buster’s Place Barber Shop nearby Perkins Square Baptist Church, at the corner of Edmondson Ave and Doswell Avenue has also been sequestered by police.

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