Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Chasten Glezman Was a Junior High School Teacher

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Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Glezman Buttigieg, worked as a teacher in South Bend, Indiana. Glezman was teaching humanities to junior high students but resigned from his full-time position in January 2019, shortly before his husband announced he planned to run for president. Glezman still works at the South Bend Civic Theatre as the Director of Curriculum on a part-time basis.

Glezman, who could become the inaugural “First Gentleman” if his husband becomes the next president, has attracted a large following on social media. He now has nearly 400,000 Twitter followers and sometimes posts messages about teachers and the impact they have on the future generation. Glezman has also shared that his high school drama teacher played a major role in his decision to become a teacher himself.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Chasten Glezman Buttigieg Was a Humanities Teacher at Montessori Academy

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Chasten Glezman Buttigieg began teaching junior high students at Montessori Academy at Edison Lakes in 2017. The school is located in Mishawaka, Indiana, a few miles east of South Bend.

The Montessori Academy website previously stated that Glezman taught humanities and drama. His profile has since been removed.

Glezman resigned from his position on January 5, 2019, according to Buttigieg’s financial disclosure form submitted to the Federal Election Commission on May 14, 2019. According to the Indy Star, Glezman stepped away from teaching full-time in order to support his husband on the campaign trail. Glezman still works part-time at the South Bend Civic Theatre as the Director of Curriculum.

2. Glezman Has Been Teaching Drama Since Graduating From College

Chasten Glezman enjoys the stage and has worked to share that passion with students. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 2011, Glezman’s first job was with First Stage. The children’s theater is the second-largest in Milwaukee and prides itself on being one of the “most acclaimed children’s theaters” in the nation. The company is described on its website as such: “First Stage touches hearts, engages minds, and transforms lives by creating extraordinary theater experiences for young people and families through professional theater productions, unparalleled Theater Academy training, and dynamic Theater in Education programs.”

Glezman taught drama at Montessori Academy in addition to humanities. The school praised him for “bringing drama to thousands of students throughout the greater Milwaukee region and inspiring students with autism and learning differences to pursue drama.”

Glezman has also volunteered his time at special workshops for students interested in theater. In October of 2018, Glezman was listed on an event page for the Montessori Consortium Symposium that advertised a theme called “Arts Infusion.” Glezman taught the drama session during the Saturday event.

3. Chasten Glezman Has Performed Improv Comedy & Demonstrates That Humor & Stage Presence on the Campaign Trail

Chasten Buttigieg Speaks at the 2019 HRC Houston DinnerEducator, advocate and husband to Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks at the 2019 Houston Gala Dinner.2019-04-07T03:52:45.000Z

Chasten Glezman grew up loving to perform and act out skits. In the wedding announcement published in the New York Times, the paper explained that Glezman “tended to prefer putting on plays in his basement to breaking down an engine” with his two brothers.

Glezman has also performed improv comedy and that humor is frequently put on display on social media and one the campaign trail. He spoke at the Human Rights Campaign gala in Houston in early April. During the speech, Glezman joked about the turn his life has taken since Pete Buttigieg decided to run for president. “Never underestimate what can happen when you agree to go on a date with a cute guy from South Bend, Indiana.”

He added, “I now live in a world where people take photos of me in the deodorant aisle at the grocery store.” Glezman also poked fun at the idea that if he became the First Gentleman, he’d be happy to “pick out the White House china.”

On a more serious note, Glezman praised the work of the Human Rights Campaign for their work advocating for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. He pointed out that he was able to marry Buttigieg because of a single Supreme Court vote.

4. Chasten Glezman Says He Was Motivated to Become an Educator Thanks to the Support of His High School Drama Teacher, Mrs. Bach

Chasten Glezman chose to pursue teaching as a profession because he was inspired by one of his own teachers, he explained during the Human Rights Campaign speech embedded above in this article.

Glezman praised his former high school theater teacher, Mrs. Bach, who served as a crucial support system as he struggled with the decision to come out as a gay man. “Many of us know the loneliness that comes with coming out. Even today, years later, it can be a painful, isolating experience and you can only hope to meet someone who understands you, who tells you that you matter and that you belong. Mrs Bach, my high school drama teacher, did that for me. She knew I needed a place to feel safe. She let me hide in the auditorium on tougher days. She’s the reason I’m a teacher, why I studied theater education and why I advocate for the arts today.”

5. Chasten Glezman Has a Master’s Degree in Education From DePaul University & Worked as a Substitute Teacher in Chicago

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Chasten Glezman moved to Chicago in 2014 to pursue his master’s degree in education. He attended DePaul University while also working as a substitute teacher for Chicago Public Schools.

Glezman met Pete Buttigieg in September of 2015 for their first date. They moved in together in late 2016 and Glezman began subbing at South Bend Public Schools. During that time period, he traveled to Chicago three days a week until he completed his master’s degree.

Glezman often uses Twitter to post messages supportive of teachers. On Tuesdays, he likes to post tweets such as, “This one is for the teachers. What’s the hardest thing about your job? What do you wish people knew about your job?

Glezman has also posted about how his job involved teaching more than just the subject matter. He wrote about the crucial impact teachers have on helping to shape the type of people their students will become. In February of 2019, Glezman was asked, “how do you think future generations can impact this country for the better?” He responded:

“In my classroom it started with learning empathy, kindness, and the belief that ‘we all do better when we all do better.’ I implored my students to believe in the power of their voices/ the impact they can have on the world, now. No such thing as ‘when you get to the real world.’ I asked my students to practice service *with* others, not for. Find ways to be with people unlike yourself; learn about their lives, struggle and beliefs with an open heart/mind. This is why we need to support our teachers and the tremendously important foundational work they do for our students everyday. Inspiring generations to believe in themselves and this country.”

You can read more about Chasten Glezman’s background and how he and Pete Buttigieg met by clicking on the link below.