Tyler Wallingford: a Tribute to the Fallen Marine

Tyler Wallingford

Tyler Wallingford was a 21-year-old Marine stationed in South Carolina who was fatally shot on April 12. A fellow Marine, Cpl. Spencer Daily, is in custody as a suspect in the murder.

Both marines were stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, in Beaufort, South Carolina, according to The Press Herald. What’s more, both marines were aircraft ordinance technicians with the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501.

Daily has not yet been charged with any crimes in relation to the shooting. However, Lt. Kevin Buss, a spokesman for the South Carolina base, confirmed to WMTV that Daily is a suspect.

Of the situation, Buss said, “Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of our fallen Marine. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is leading the investigation.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Wallingford Was a Volunteer Firefighter on Military Leave

According to WMTV, Wallingford was from Standish Maine. He was a volunteer firefighter in Standish on military leave. He joined the fire department in 2013, and the military in 2016, according to Standish Fire-EMS Chief Rob Caron, who spoke to WMTV.

Caron said, “Tyler was a great kid with a very infectious smile.”

Wallingford Attended Bonny Eagle High School; People Have Started Leaving Tributes on His Facebook

Wallingford, who was friends with Daily on Facebook, went to Bonny Eagle High School and listed a job at Standish Boat Launch on his Facebook. Like Daily, Wallingford has a number of photos of his life as a Marine:

One of his fellow marines wrote, “Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Tyler Wallingford! Keep watch over us big brother! I’ll never forget you and how hard you worked every day! Semper fi brother! Guard the gates of heaven for us! Until we meet again! ????”

Another person wrote,

So I’ve been starting at all these posts since Saturday, my mind reeling.. I really don’t want to believe this horrific news, its absolutely-heart breaking doesn’t even begin to explain the feeling but it’s all I have.. i didnt want to share or say anything because then it would be true. And I hoped so desperately that it wasn’t, that it was some horrible mistake. I never truly got close to you, but you were always there for everybody, and I don’t know anybody who has anything negative to say about you, ever! You were always just an amazing goofball, and the sweetest person. My heart breaks so much for all your close friends, your family, girlfriend, and everybody who got the amazing chance to meet you. Like I said, we were never close, but the memories I have I hold so close. And God I hate this world for taking you so far before your time!! I hope and know you’re looking after us all Tyler!

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