Florida Fires Near Me Right Now: Maps & Photos for Keystone Heights, Marion County Fires & More

Florida Fire Map

Florida Forest Service

A number of fires in Florida are creating issues today, including a new fire spotted in the Keystone Heights area, Marion County fires in Central Florida, and more. Read on to see maps and learn all the details about fires in the Florida area today. First we’ll discuss interactive maps in Florida in general and then move on to Keystone Heights and other areas.

Florida Fire Maps

In order to stay updated on fire activity in Florida, you need to view multiple sources. That’s because they show different results for Florida fires based on their sources. The Google Crisis map does not show any current smoke warnings for the Florida area as of May 30. Inciweb also does not show any fire activity for the state. However, Florida Disaster Maps on ARCGIS does show activity. A screenshot is below, but you can view the interactive map here.

Florida Disaster Maps

FloridaDisaster.Maps.ARCGIS.comFlorida Disaster Maps

Here’s an interactive embedded version of the map courtesy of Florida Disaster Maps. It may not always work, however, and you can get a clearer view that’s larger and easier to navigate by clicking on the link hereSome of the wildfires in the map below are 100 percent contained.

There are 63 active wildfires statewide in Florida right now.

Another map of the fires in Florida is available here. A screenshot of the map from Thursday night is below.

Florida Fires

You can also view an embeddable version of this map below. It’s provided by the Florida Forest Service. However, like the other map, you’ll see a larger and clearer, easier-to-navigate version by clicking here.

Remember, in the map above only the red fires are not contained.

According to these maps, the largest active wildfires in Florida at the moment are:

  • Yellow Bluff (80 percent contained at 608 acres according to Action News Jax)
  • Trawick Road (5 acres)
  • Windsor Fire (59 acres, near Gainesville)
  • Gas Line 1300 Fire (2 acres)
  • Lake Hatchineha (30 acres)
  • LTC(53) Fire (10 acres)
  • Maude Fire (55 acres)

Another interactive map is provided by the Florida Forest Service here.

According to NIFC, the following active wildfires are currently happening in Florida:

  • Charlotte Harbor Fire three miles east of Placida: 300 acres and 90 percent contained
  • Thick Root Fire in Big Cypress National Preserve: 528 acres and 90 percent contained
  • Yellow Bluff fire (details outdated, see above for accurate details)

Keystone Heights Fire

A new fire has been reported in the Keystone Heights area of Clay County.

The fire is currently 20 acres and located 10 miles northeast of Keystone Heights.

The brush fire may be threatening some homes near Lisa Lynn Lane, News4Jax reported. It’s east of State Road 21. It grew from 5 to 20 acres in about 20 minutes.

Marion County Fire

Dozens of homes were evacuated on Wednesday due to a fire burning in Marion County, according to WESH. The fire is near the Ocala National Forest. It had burned 500 acres and was 50 percent contained by Wednesday evening. Evacuations were later lifted on Wednesday night and the fire is not threatening any structures at this time.

As of Thursday morning, the fire was 505 acres in size and no structures were endangered, Marion County Fire Rescue shared. It could still be days before the fire is fully contained, Click Orlando shared.

To stay updated on fires in this county, register for ALERT MARION here.

Yellow Bluff Fire Is 80 Percent Contained, But There Are Eight Active Wildfires in the Jacksonville Area

Just a few days ago, the Yellow Bluff fire in Jacksonville was of big concern to residents in the area. Parts of I-95 were rerouted and the highway was shut down due to low visibility. Thankfully, this fire is now 80 percent contained as of the evening of May 29, Action News Jax reported.

However, there are eight active wildfires in Jacksonville right now in total. The good news is most of these are 100 percent contained.

These fires include:

  • Bobcat Trail: 8.3 acres, 100 percent contained
  • Blueberry: .8 acres, 95 percent contained
  • NW Lessie 108: 9.9 acres and 100 percent contained
  • Yellow Bluff: 608 acres and 80 percent contained
  • Webb Road: 2 acres and 100 percent contained
  • Ortega River: 30.8 acres and 100 percent contained
  • Sharron Bridge: .1 acre and 100 percent contained