What Went Down at Rolling Loud Miami: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

NBA Youngboy, Kodak Black

Twitter/Facebook screenshots NBA Youngboy, Kodak Black

Two Rolling Loud headline rappers are being detained by state and federal authorities in Miami Sunday night.

Rolling Loud is billed as the world’s biggest hip-hop festival, it’s not a quiet event, hence the ‘loud’ part. And that’s cool because fans pay hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars, indeed, thousands, on tickets, transportation, accommodations, food, gear and on and on because it is hip-hop’s biggest festival and has enjoyed apparent success given it’s been running for nearly five years. It’s the three-day jam for mega rap and hip-hop performers, national and regional artists and up-and-coming rappers, and MC’s and performers.

But Rolling Loud Miami this Mother’s Day Weekend has the scene of two active shooter scares which led to people being trampled in the ensuing panic and chaos. In both cases they were said to be false alarms by festival organizers and police. But people were injured, frightened and when it happened the second time, some were furious. And many claim that, in at least the first night shooter scare, there were shots fired.

NBA Youngboy and Kodak Black were arrested, a performer bailed, and at least one and possibly two rappers on the bill may have been shooting targets.

Fights, a stolen golf cart ridden into a crowd, crowds storming stages, and somehow, fans made a stage wall “unstable.” And fights.

People say the festival is “lit.” Rolling Loud described it that way in a quickly-deleted tweet shortly after the Friday night active shooter scare.

But a lot want their money back. And here’s why:

“So, Kodak never showed up, Lil Wayne disappeared, Travis was 1 1/2 hours late, NBA Youngboy was shot (at) today, water stations & bathroom take 20 min to find, shooting shit on day 1 & now y’all wanna stop everything due to weather? I paid 5k for this trip. Do better @RollingLoud ?”

Captures of some of Rolling Loud’s official responses to complaints angered some.

For example, calling the panic about a report of a shooter and what people experienced while fleeing, some falling and being trampled, some injured, was a “quick cardio session.”

“The responses from @RollingLoud organizers are absolutely disgustingly unprofessional. Paying customers have every right to complain about your horribly organized festival. Your minimizing the false shooting as “a cardio session” when people ended up in the hospital is gross af.”

“Making fun of people and mocking them because at a moment felt that they life was threatened, or felt unsafe is uncool. People were upset about artist not starting on time, terrible security, others got injured from the stampede and your response is to mock them? Very Classy. Smh”

“Disaster,” “mayhem,” “chaos,” are among the adjectives many used to describe this year’s event. And those were the SFW ones.

But plenty, perhaps the majority, think the festival was fire.

This could be facetious, but Rolling Loud retweeted it, so.

“Had hella fun at @RollingLoud”

Rolling Loud has two upcoming shows for 2019, the San Francisco Bay Area September 28-29 and Los Angeles, December 14-15.

But we’re looking at Miami.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rolling Loud Has Definitely Not Been Quiet. An Active Shooter False Alarm Sent Hundreds Running in Fear Friday Night & Again Saturday Night

Friday night, a report of an active shooter sent hundreds and hundreds of panicked festival-goers running out of the Hard Rock Stadium. Many were injured. Rolling Loud and police claim there was no shots fired nor shooting.

“Whether the rolling loud shooting was a false alarm or not this just showed that their set up was ridiculous. There was no way out. We ran into dead ends and tore down fences to leave. The most unsafe layout I’ve ever experienced, absolutely no emergency exits.”

Many are dubious of the false alarm claim and hundreds insist they heard shots. Others say a fight and the confusion after it led to a panic.

Still, many say gunshots were heard.

“If you’re in the Miami area & we’re at rolling loud the shooting rumors are true Do not listen to the news there was definitely an active shooter! I was beside all of it!! Rather they hit somebody or not they were firing gun shots not fireworks none of that gun shots!#rollingloud”

This is the official next-day tweet. The first tweet after it was reported that there was an active shooter at the festival, the Rolling Loud Twitter person-at-the-keyboard posted “It’s lit!!!”

Rolling Loud tweet

That wildly inappropriate tweet was quickly taken down.

It happened again Saturday night.

“You mean 1-2 since y’all so fucking unprofessional. people paying way too much money for y’all to be on some bullshit. address the fact that people have heard gun shots 2 nights in a row and still no answers, there’s not enough room for that many people it’s fuc*ing miserable.”

The active shooter scare Saturday night happened during Travis Scott’s set.

“I’ve never in my life been so scared. Everyone running toward me & screaming look out someone’s shooting is ridiculous ALL BECAUSE A FIGHT BROKE OUT?! The helicopter & 30 officers with bullet proof vests and riddles DO NOT make me feel more safe.. rolling loud WHAT THE FU*K”

Check the comments.

2. Real Shootings in Miami, Some Fatal, Allegedly Targeted Artists Slated to Perform & NBA Youngboy Was Arrested Right After His Set, It Was Reported

NBA Youngboy, who was also on the Rolling Loud set list for Sunday, was allegedly the target in a shooting outside a Trump hotel Sunday. He’d later come through to perform, but was arrested right after his set.

It’s reported that one person, an “innocent man (was killed by stray bullet” and that a child, 5, was grazed but is not seriously injured, a “high-powered” gun was used in the shooting and “several people have been detained but not arrested …”

Police have also no confirmed if there was a “connection with Rolling Loud or rappers that left one dead, and one injured, believed the be the rapper’s teenage girlfriend,” the latter the 18-year-old girlfriend of Youngboy.

But he showed up to the venue and performed. And then, he and others were arrested. Cops did not confirm it was Youngboy among them.

“Per Miami-Dade police, several people have been detained at the Rolling Loud Music Festival. Any identities or connection to the shooting at Trump International Beach Resort Miami are unconfirmed,” Alex Johnson of NBC News tweeted.

“Just thinking out loud… NBA Youngboy security should be fine as well as long as the weapon he used to murk the dude who shot at Youngboy is legal. Police claim he pursued the guy.. I’m thinking / hoping some of that classic ‘Stand Your Ground’ law Florida is known for applies…” DJ Akademiks pondered.

“NBA Youngboy got shot at in Miami, Thug got shot at in Miami, Kodak got arrested arriving to his set. Jay Da Youngan got arrested pullin up to his set. Police tried to search Lil Wayne”

“…Do y’all think Florida was the wrong place for the Rolling Loud …”

And, “Young Thug was allegedly targeted in a drive-by shooting earlier today in Miami, ahead of his performance at Rolling Loud.”

This account has not been confirmed.

Windy City rapper Aab Hellabandz was shot and killed at Miami’s Cameo club in the pre-dawn hours Saturday. He was 18. He was not set to perform at Rolling Loud.

3. Kodak Black Was Arrested by Federal Agents on Weapons Charges When he Arrived at the Hard Rock Stadium to Perform

Kodak Black has been arrested at hip-hop festival Rolling Loud in Miami.

Rapper Kodak Black, real name Bill Kapri, was arrested tonight Saturday evening as he arrived at the stadium not long before his 8:45 p.m., set time.

US Marshals, the ATF, and Miami-Dade PD North Side Gang Unit had reportedly been investigating the rapper. He was charged with both state and federal firearms violations. He was booked into the Federal Detention Center in Miami.

Adam 22 posted a video to Twitter of the arrest: “Kodak Black just got arrested at Rolling Loud before he was able to perform ?”

In April, Kodak was arrested on drug and weapons charges when he attempted to cross from Canada into the United States near Niagara Falls in mid-April. He and two others were in an Escalade with temporary California tags when at the border. They told border agents they had weed and guns, according to a report. New York State Police were called in and it’s reported marijuana and a loaded Glock 9mm was found in the car. Kodak was arrested and charged with gun and marijuana possession.

4. Refusing to be ‘Policed,’ Weezy Bailed on the Gig & Rapper Jay Da Youngan Was Arrested Before He Hit the Stage

“To all my fans who came to see me at Rolling Loud, I’m sorry but I won’t be performing. The Festival Police (Not Rolling Loud) made it mandatory that I had to be policed and checked to get on the stadium grounds. I do not and will not ever settle for being policed to do my job”

Some say the whole gig was a “trap.”

“Damn NBA Youngboy done got shot at in Miami, Thug got shot at in Miami, Kodak got arrested arriving to his set. Jay Da Youngan got arrested pullin up to his set. G Herbo can’t leave the state. They tried to search Lil Wayne upon arrival so he aint perform. RollingLoud a trap. Smh”

5. Chaos & Pandemonium: Fights, a Stolen Golf Cart Driven Into a Crowd, Wild Weather That Delayed Shows, Sets Late or Skipped & Naked Florida Man Gets Arrested. Some Want Their Money Back

Let’s just roll the videos, which speak for themselves.

“Chaos at @rollingloud. Golf cart stolen and driven through the crowd.”

“…paid $400 to run for my life …”

“@RollingLoud owner @TariqCherif telling us to leave toward shelter in the stadium. Could start up again in 30-45 mins.”

Warning: Full frontal Florida man nudity ahead.

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