WATCH: Man Bathes in Wendy’s Sink in Viral Video

Man Bathes in Wendy's Sink


A Snapchat video showing a teen bathing in a Wendy’s sink is going viral on Facebook. The incident occurred at a Wendy’s in Milton, FL.

In the video, you can hear his friends/possibly coworkers both egg him on and warn him of the potential dangers. “Go, go, go, go!” Says the female camerawoman while his other friend cautions him “you should turn off the thing so you don’t get sucked in.” “Take a bath, take a bath.” Says the camerawoman. She then asks him how it feels and the teen responds “it’s warm.”

The woman filming turns the camera around once during the video, showing her in a Wendy’s hat and confirming that she is an employee of the restaurant. People were both shocked and amused on social medai with some of the commenters saying they will never visit a Wendy’s again.

The sink is utilized primarily for washing dishes and other food preparation items for the restaurant so the bubble bath is most likely a violation of the local health code. Carlisle, the company that owns the Milton, FL Wendy’s, released the following statement to the Pensacola News Journal:

“We are taking this incident seriously and it is obviously totally unacceptable. This was a prank by a person who no longer works at this restaurant, and who clearly did not use good judgment. We are taking this opportunity to reinforce our very strict quality procedures with our restaurant team.”

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that somebody has filmed themselves taking a bath in a fast food restaurant sink. Back in 2008, Timothy Tackett took a bath at his workplace, an Ohio Burger King, and posted the video to MySpace which also went viral. Timothy was fired immediately and the health department paid the restaurant a visit.

This incident follows a similar narrative as Florida’s Division of Hotels and Restaurant sent investigators to the fast-food joint on Wednesday.

The restaurant is currently still open for business, but not before it had to pass a safety inspection. The manager also received a lecture on sanitation, safety and the urgency of managerial control.

The woman who posted the video is Haley Leach who told VICE news outlet MUNCHIES that she was reposting but did not know the people involved. “I don’t personally know the guy,” she told MUNCHIES “I know he worked at that location, but the day he did it was his last day of work as he’s moving.”

The names of the employees in the video have not been released.

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