Cristina Szeifert: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cristina Szeifert: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know Cristina Szeifert

Instagram influencer, model and painter, Cristina Szeifert has recently been accused of faking her paintings that she posts to social media. The Romanian model describes herself as a clinical psychologist, certified life and health coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, an ex-model and a blogger on her website.

Szeifert has come under fire recently as critics have accused her of being a fake painter. Their claims, which derived from a Reddit thread, stem from the fact that her palette never seems to change colors.

The thread is posted in subreddit r/Instagramreality, a community where users try to shed light on photoshops and other photo alterations on Instagram and social media.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Critics Claim That Szeifert’s Painting Photos Are Fake Because Her Palette Never Changes & She Wears Nice Clothes While Painting

Cristina Szeifert: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

RedditOriginal post criticizing Szeifert.

Reddit users laid into Szeifert because of the fact that her paint palette never seems to change.

“This artist frequently posts pics of herself ‘painting,’ but the paint palette never changes,” the original post criticizing Szeifert said featuring photos of the former model painting that were posted to her Instagram account.

The post has amassed nearly 50,000 points and has sparked discussion across the Internet, about the validity of Szeifert’s paintings.

Cristina Szeifert: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

RedditComments on the original post criticizing Szeifert.

“Also, who wears nice clothes when painting,” the top comment on the original post said.

This specific Reddit community takes pride in calling out doctored and fake images posted to social media, so it isn’t a surprise that r/Instagramreality is leading the charge attacking Szeifert.

2. Szeifert Says She Poses in Nice Clothes with Her Paintings after She Is Done Painting

Szeifert responded to the criticism, as she told BuzzFeed News that her image is of utmost importance to her when it comes to her career.

“I have on my phone videos from almost every painting I did,” Szeifert told BuzzFeed, directly taking on critics. “I am a model, artist, psychologist, and a public person so my image is very important — of course I don’t picture myself with dirty clothes.”

Szeifert has a following of over 37,000 on Instagram. Her account features photos of her eating and drinking with beautiful scenes in the background, maintaining relationships with friends and families and her with inspirational quotes in the foreground.

3. Szeifert Believes the People Who Are Doubting Her Are Jealous

Szeifert also told BuzzFeed that she believes those who are criticizing her are jealous.

“Painting for me is a passion and I don’t do it for money. I [post] pictures because I enjoy it,” Szeifert said. “I can see that some people are jealous finding little things on my pictures that [they] are criticizing … This situation is ridiculous.”

She also acknowledged the criticism of her holding the same palette head on. She called the palette a “symbol of art.”

“I paint with different things; sometimes I use the palette and sometimes I don’t. The pictures are done after the painting is complete and I was using the palette in my hand as a symbol of art,” she said.

4. Szeifert Directly Responded to Criticism on Her Instagram Page

In her most recent post to Instagram, Szeifert directly responded to criticism as she shared photos and videos of herself painting some of her artwork.

“I just wanted to clarify that due to the negativity going around in the last days. All my paintings are made by my self as this one. I don’t always use a palette as I don’t have one in London,” Szeifert wrote.

Szeifert added that she loves to paint and it will always be her passion, no matter the amount of criticism she receives.

“I love painting and it will always be my passion. I want everyone to cherish creativity and do something constructive and positive for the world instead of spreading hate and negativity,” Szeifert wrote.

5. Szeifert Also Requested People to Leave Her & Her Passion of Painting Alone

Szeifert told BuzzFeed that she is fed up with the negativity surrounding her and her paintings.

“I have a diploma as [an] international artist. I graduated from art school in Timisoara, Romania. After that, I [attended] university for psychology. I don’t do painting as a main job as I have several businesses and painting is and will remain forever my passion,” she said. “I don’t understand exactly why it became such a huge subject [of] a girl that’s following her dreams and showing others that.”

Her response to the criticism seems to be working as her post directly combatting the criticism is her most liked, with over 4,000 likes.



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