Daniel Kestner: Trump Supporter Attacks Reporter at Orlando Rally

Daniel Kestner

Twitter/Michael Williams Daniel Kestner arrested at Trump rally for slapping reporters hand.

A Florida man was arrested outside of President Trump’s Orlando rally Tuesday after he was caught on video slapping a reporter’s phone out of his hand.

Daniel Kestner, 51, was arguing outside of the Amway Center where the rally was held with another man when he noticed Orlando Sentinel reporter Michael Williams recording him, WKMG reports.

Video posted by Williams shows Kestner, who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, knock the phone from his hands while threatening him.

Police said Kestner smelled of alcohol when he was arrested.

“Are you taping?” Kestner can be heard asking Williams in the video. “I don’t want it. Stop. I want this. I want it, I want it. I promise I’ll take it.”

Two security guards are then seen moving Kestner away.

Kestner was charged with battery “for willingly striking Williams without permission,” according to a police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, “based on video evidence and Kestner’s sworn statement.”

Williams, who identified himself as a reporter, “was videotaping two men, one of which was Kestner, involved in an argument in reference to the Trump Rally,” the police report said. “Kestner told Williams to stop recording and stated that he would kick Williams in the testicles. Kestner approached Williams and used his right hand to slap Williams’ right hand, which was holding the phone.”

Kestner Appeared in a TV Interview Just Hours Before The Attack

Trump supporter speaks with News 6 before arrestA man accused of battery at President Donald Trump's Orlando rally spoke to News 6 hours before his arrest.2019-06-19T17:58:52Z

Kestner appeared on WKMG outside a Wahlburgers restaurant hours before the arrest.

“I’m thinking I love Trump and I just want to speak my mind and show my support for Trump and that’s what I’m here for,” Kestner said.

WKMG reporter Mike DeForest wrote on Twitter that Kestner said “he had been drinking Fireball shots” at the restaurant and “befriended a man who had different views of the president.”

“It’s unclear where Kestner’s new friend was at the time of his arrest,” DeForest added. “Police say Kestner battered a journalist who was shooting cell phone video of Kestner outside the Trump rally.”

Another Man Was Arrested at the Trump Rally

An hour before Kestner’s arrest, police also arrested 33-year-old Steven Ashley Ingram after an argument he had with another man turned violent, WKMG reported.

Police said Ingram shoved the man and was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge.

Police determined Ingram was the aggressor in the incident.

Ingram has since been released on bond from Orange County Jail.

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