Etika Confirmed Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Almost a week after popular streamer Etika, whose real name is Daniel Desmond Amofah uploaded a video to YouTube entitled “I’m Sorry,” in which he’s walking outside in New York and saying what sounds like to many of fans, a final goodbye, the New York Police Department confirmed that they recovered his body from the East River, a half mile from the Manhattan Bridge, where Etika was seen walking toward in his final video. He was 29 years old.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

On the evening of June 24, there were reports that the NYPD found a body matching Etika’s description. That body was pulled from the water near the Manhattan Bridge.

Previously, police had said that while canvassing the area on Thursday, June 20, they found what appeared to be some of his belongings, which included Etika’s New York driver’s license, wallet, cell phone, black and red Nintendo Switch, and his laptop bag, which contained a pair of boxers, a shirt, shorts, and headphones.

Here’s what you need to know about Etika’s death…

1. He Had a History of Serious Mental Health Issues

Etika had a long history of having mental health issues, and it was only 8 months ago that he was taken into custody in his Brooklyn apartment by the NYPD and committed to the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

In his 8-minute goodbye video Etika said, “I’m sorry for leaving such a stained legacy. I hope that my story maybe helps to make YouTube a better place in the future where people know boundaries and limits and how far things should go. You know I wasn’t suicidal before — I really wasn’t. But one thing I didn’t realize was that the walls were closing around me so fast. I really had no intention of killing myself but I’d always push it too far. I guess I am mentally ill.”

2. At First, Everyone Believed His Suicide Video was A Hoax

Etika Disappearance: Missing YouTuber's Belongings Found at NYC Bridge | News 4 NowPopular YouTuber and streamer Etika has been missing since last week — and now the NYPD says they've found some of his belongings near the Manhattan Bridge. The NYPD announced they had made the find on Saturday, four days after Desmond Amofah, better known as Etika, published an 8-minute video online apologizing to people he…2019-06-24T23:07:10.000Z

There had been rumors among his fans that Etika had scheduled his “I’m Sorry” video to go live after he had already taken his own life. As the search went on for the streamer, the confusion grew worse.

In October 2018, Etika sent his followers into a deep fear after writing, “It’s my turn to die” on Reddit, and then a few hours later to write, “Guys I’m fine, please stop worrying about me LOL. You know I like to be overdramatic. Carry on!!”

His followers online even produced the chat log in which the video upload seemed to have been pre-planned. During the chat Etika asked, “When should I have my next mental break down ya’ll?” to which someone answered, “June 20. A few days after most people should be out of school.” Etika then responded, “gotchu imma put that sh*t in my calendar.”

3. You Tube Removed His ‘I’m Sorry’ Video From the Site the Next Day

On Thursday, June 20, YouTube removed Etika’s “I’m Sorry” video from the site for violating its terms. However, clips from the original post were saved and shared by his followers and subscribers on Twitter.

The mass confusion online as to whether or not to take Etika’s threats seriously was a double-edged sword. It’s obviously devastating to believe that he posted a goodbye video before taking his own life, but it would’ve been extremely sad if he thought to post fake suicide threats are a fun way to gain followers and/or attention. The responses online ranged in a mixture of fear, sadness, confusion, worry, and those who believe Etika is once again clowning around. But now, there is only sadness, anger, and heartbreak.

4. His Fans Are in Shock and In Mourning

Etika was clearly loved by his online fan base. With 255K followers on Instagram, 314K on Twitter, and 133K subscribers on his You Tube channel, his gaming videos sometimes racked up to over 1 million views. Even after police found a body in the East River that matched Etika’s description, until the body was identified, no one believed the news was real.

Fans thanked him for being such a fun presence on their screens, and gamer communities paid tribute online. Keem, who received a shout it in the ‘I’m Sorry’ was quick to post a RIP tweet, as well.

5. Etika is Survived By His Parents and Younger Brother

During the six days that Etika was missing, his family was unable to reach him which caused serious concern. Etika was never married or fathered any children. Fans online are sending thoughts and prayers to his parents, including his mother, Sabrina, who Etika often posted video tributes to on his channel, and his father, Emmanuel.

EtikaWorldNetwork Stream Highlight: Etika's MotherEtikaWorldNetwork Stream Highlight – Etika's Mother Please, go hug your mom if you have one and I'm lucky to have one. Our mothers do a lot for us and we need to appreciate what they do every day. They sacrificed a lot for us very early in our lives and gave birth to us. They…2017-03-21T06:13:35.000Z

His younger brother, who hasn’t spoken to Etika in over a year, is a 26-year-old graduate student based in New Jersey. Before his brother was confirmed as dead he told the New York Post, “I love my brother. I hope he didn’t get hurt,” he continued. “I am hoping and wishing for the best.”

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