Several Hawthorne, CA Police Officers Hold an Unarmed Black Man at Gunpoint [VIDEO]

In Hawthorne, California, a woman records a 5-minute long video that shows several armed police with their guns trained on an unarmed young black man. Terrified he’ll be shot, she weeps and pleads, but keeps recording.

In the video, Instagram user Blueasdasky, repeatedly asks why so many police have surround the unarmed young man who they have kneeling with his hands up and behind his back, on a busy street corner.

She begins to cry, and pleads for someone to help the young man as she fears he may be shot by police. “Don’t move!”

A police officer who appears to be a supervisor comes over to her to ask what’s wrong. She’s sobbing and tells him that her boyfriend was shot and killed by police in 2015 and she wants to know why so many officers had the guns drawn on the man who she says is unarmed. There is no follow-up on any Hawthorne Police social media or other online sources to confirm if the man was unarmed, arrested, or ever charged.

Indeed, the cop says that he’s not a suspect he’s just “being detained.”

“We got a call about a robbery …he seemed to match the description ..we’re just detaining him. We’re not saying he’s a suspect …try to relax. It says a weapon was involved that’s the only reason he gets held at gunpoint,” the officer tells her. She’s sobbing. “It’s just for our safety and everybody around’s safety, OK?”

He asks who the man is to her: “I don’t even know him but I care that much,” she weeps.

“I understand,” the cop says.

Over the course of the next two full minutes, with traffic stalled, horns honking and at least seven police vehicles, the young man is cuffed and searched.

It’s not clear if he was charged with any crime.

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