Meldrick Taylor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Meldrick Taylor

Philadelphia Police/Getty Meldrick Taylor

Meldrick Taylor is a former Olympic gold medalist and boxing champion. He was arrested in an armed standoff with police Monday, The Philly Voice reported.

Taylor, 52, allegedly pulled a gun on a 26-year-old man and tried to evict him from his apartment in Taylor’s two-story brick row home.

Police were called and Taylor refused to leave his apartment, resulting in a 90-minute standoff with police.

“I ain’t coming out,” he screamed, police told NBC Philadelphia.

Taylor eventually surrendered to SWAT officers and taken into custody.

Taylor was a boxing prodigy in the 1980s, winning a gold medal in the featherweight division in the 1984 Summer Olympics when he was just 17 years old. He went on to win the IBF junior welterweight title and later the WBA welterweight title.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Meldrick Taylor Attempted to Evict His Tenant With a Gun, Police Say

Police say the incident began when Taylor tried to evict a tenant from his two-story home in Philadelphia.

Police say the 26-year-old male tenant and a friend came home at around 11 pm Monday.

The man told police that Taylor immediately opened his door and told him he needed to vacate the property by the following morning.

The tenant explained that he had to get 30-days notice prior to eviction, he told police.

Taylor then pulled out a silver revolver and pointed it toward the man, police said.

2. Taylor Was Arrested by SWAT Officers After Armed Standoff

Police officers and a SWAT team responded to the call.

Taylor refused to leave his apartment, leading to a 90-minute standoff with the officers.

Taylor eventually surrendered to SWAT officers. Police said he was arrested without any further incident.

3. Taylor Was an Olympic Gold Medalist and World Boxing Champ

Meldrick Taylor


Taylor, now 52, was one of the brightest stars in boxing when he won a gold medal in the featherweight division in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles at the age of 17.

After turning pro, Taylor won the IBF junior welterweight title in 1988 and held it until 1990.

He later went on to win the WBA welterweight title in 1991.

He retired in 2002 with a record of 38-8-1.

4. Taylor Lost One of the Most Controversial Matches in Boxing History

Meldrick Taylor looks back at Chavez – Taylor (25 Year Anniversary)This is a piece I directed in 2009, and thought the 25th anniversary would be a great time to release it. All copyrights to fight and archival footage belong to HBO. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.2015-03-17T01:47:55.000Z

Taylor lost his IBF belt in a highly controversial bout with then-undefeated Mexican star Julio Cezar Chavez.

Taylor, who was beating Chavez after 11 rounds according to two judge’s scorecards, was dazed in the 12th round and lost when the referee called it a TKO with just two seconds remaining on the clock.

The decision is considered among the most controversial in pro boxing history.

5. Taylor Has Multiple Past Convictions

ESPN's Making the Rounds – Chavez/Taylor AnniversaryESPN's Jim Basquil and Brian Campbell are joined by Dan Rafael as the Making the Rounds team looks back at one of boxing's greatest fights – the controversial stoppage of Julio Caesar Chavez and Meldrick Taylor; a fight Richard Steele stopped with just two seconds left.2015-12-27T23:26:01.000Z

Monday’s arrest was not Taylor’s first.

In 1998, Taylor pleaded guilty to insurance fraud after he claimed that his $84,000 Mercedes convertible had been stolen four years earlier, The Associated Press reported. Taylor was working as a minister at a Cheltenham church called the University of Practical Knowledge at the time, The AP reported.

In 2000, Taylor pleaded guilty to indecent assault and unlawful restraint after he was charged with attempted rape. He was sentenced to at least 23 months of house arrest and three years of probation, ESPN reported.

Taylor currently faces charges of aggravated assault, possession of an instrument of crime, and terroristic threats.

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