Netflix Down: Reports of Errors & Problems

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Netflix is down for some people, according to reports on Down Detector.

The streaming service started experiencing problems at about 6:37 p.m. EDT June 20, Down Detector data said. About 1,900 people reported they were unable to access Netflix, or they were experiencing problems with it. The number of reports dropped to 1,334 at about 7:30 p.m., then increased again to 2,124.

Forty-nine percent of the people reporting problems on Netflix said the errors were occurring on the website, while 30 percent reported no connection on Netflix and 19 percent reported problems with video streaming on Netflix.

Those numbers changed at 7:30, with 51 percent of people reporting Netflix errors on the website, 31 percent reporting no connection on Netflix and 17 percent reporting Netflix video streaming problems.

It appeared that most of the Netflix problems were concentrated around the East Coast in the United States southern parts of Canada according to Down Detector’s outage map.

Problems were also reported in Europe and Brazil and the West Coast of the United States. There were scattered reports of errors throughout North America and parts of Australia, Asia, and South America.

The Netflix Help Center reported Netflix is up, while some continued to report problems.

The Register tweeted Netlfix is down “and this is not a drill.”

One person wrote on Twitter, “why is netflix down? what am I supposed to do now? go to sleep?”

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