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nur ashour

Twitter Nur Ashour was screamed at, harassed and had coffee cup sleeves thrown at her in a Dallas Starbucks and no one intervened. She fled the cafe in tears, with her baby and toddler. The woman who assaulted her had a problem with Ashour's hajib.

Nur Ashour was in a Dallas Starbucks Saturday when a woman in line behind her bumped into her. Ashour apologized. Then, she wsaid she was verbally assaulted by the woman, who began throwing coffee cup sleeves at Ashour. Ashour told Heavy she had her 8-month-old baby with her in a stroller and her 3-year-old daughter was “nearby,’ with her husband.

Ashour said the woman “said horrific things” as she yelled and screamed at Ashour while throwing the cardboard-like items at the young mother wearing a hijab.

Ashour, 25, is a “mother, wife, cook”, and popular food blogger originally from Denver, Colorado, she’s a first generation Palestinian-American.

She’s also a graduate of the University of Colorado Denver where she studied pre-medicine and earned a degree in elementary education. Ashour is Muslim and was harassed and attacked because she is Muslim, she said.

The verbal harassment and physical assault, she says, was witnessed by other customers and importantly, Starbucks staff, none of whom said a word to the woman assaulting Ashour or Ashour herself. No one stood up to the woman or for Ashour save one customer who later apologized for the woman’s actions.

Ashour fled from the store with the woman yelling at her. Half a day after she posted the incident to Twitter, Starbucks responded to her tweet.

A Starbucks representative told Heavy they are in contact with Ashour and are “working with her directly to understand what took place,” and are “taking this claim very seriously.”

“There is absolutely no tolerance for any type of discrimination in our stores, and customers who exhibit discriminatory behavior are not welcome. We know our customers visit Starbucks to engage in a warm and welcoming environment. When customers do not have the experience they have come to expect at Starbucks, we work quickly to address it.”

A spokesperson also told Heavy that the company reached out to Ashour early Sunday.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. ‘Today I Got Harassed by a Woman for Wearing a Hijab’

Ashour tweeted that on Saturday, she was “harassed by a woman for wearing a hijab.” Worse even than the woman’s assault Ashour said, was that no one in the store came to her defense. No one said a word.

“The sad part was it was @Starbucks and not a single employee or bystander said a word to her. She threw things in my face and said horrific things. Had the roles been reversed, I guarantee the reactions would have differed.”

2. The Woman ‘Threw Stuff at my Face’ & Yelled ‘You’d Better Be Sorry’ Ashour Ran From the Store & ‘Yelled For Help…Terrified & Crying’

Ashour responded to questions about the exact nature fo the incident saying the woman “bumped into me from behind” and Ashour “being a normal person I said I’m sorry as a reaction.”

It was then that the woman “grabbed a ton of coffee sleeves and threw them then continued to yell at me that I ‘better be sorry.’ Continued to yell at me and say I needed to leave then followed me out.”

Ashour ran from the store and “found a security officer and yelled for help.”

She explained that as the security guard began to walk toward her, the woman went to the guard and said, “I don’t know what her problem is, she threw stuff at my face.”

Ashour was stunned. And crying. She tweeted that the whole incident was likely “on camera.”

She said the woman was not only “obviously racist.” but was also, “obviously a liar.”

“It was a scene. I was terrified and crying.”

3. Ashour Said She ‘Feared For The Safety of Her Family’ & Had to Explain to Her 3-Year-Old How ‘People Can Hate Someone so Much Because of Their Religion or the Way They Dress

Ashour explained that she had her “8-month-old daughter with me and my three-year old nearby.”

“I was so shook up I had to leave immediately because I feared for the safety of my family. Had I not approached a security officer outside, not a single person at @Starbucks thought to even check on me,” she wrote.

She said that there was “one man standing next to me inside apologized to me.”

“That’s it. Otherwise, everyone just watched. The @Starbucks employees were aware, yet not one of them came to see if they could help or apologized to me. NOTHING. Sad world we live in. ?”

“It’s really sad that I have to explain to my 3-year-old that people can hate someone so much because of their religion or the way they dress. This is such a small thing compared to the hatred other Muslims experience on a daily basis. America, do better.”

4. Thousands of People Have Shared Her Tweet With Most Remarking How ‘Sad’ & ‘Sorry’ They Were. National CAIR Director Reached Out & Then Almost a Day Later, Starbucks Responded

Ashour tweeted that she’d not heard from Starbucks.

“And @Starbucks @starbuckshelp has yet to respond.” She posted the tweet before 2 p.m. on Sunday June 16. Then, Starbucks showed up.

“Nur, we are concerned to read about your experience in one of our stores. We will be in contact by phone with you shortly to better understand the details of what occurred with this customer and our partners. Thank you. -Janell ”

A spokesperson also told Heavy that the company reached out to Ashour early Sunday.

People jumped on her Twitter thread to apologize to her for the actions of the unnamed woman.

“I am so sorry you and your infant were subjected to abuse. @Starbucks definitely needs to follow up with you and the store personnel. What the woman did to you was assault and possibly battery and should have been reported. If I had been there, I would have stood with you ?”

Nihad Ahwad, ‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏National Executive Director of Council American-Islamic Relations, reached out to Ashour.

“I’m really sorry to see that this happened to you. I hope you and you family are ok. Please feel free to contact our CAIR office @cairdfw to get help or DM me to connect you with them. @CAIRNational @Starbucks”

5. Ashour, a Former Pre-Med Student & Elementary School Teacher, is a ‘Mom, Wife & Cook’ & Popular Food Blogger Known as the ‘Catastrophic Cook’

nur ashour

Catastrophiccook.comnur ashour

Ashour, 25, is a married mother of two daughters; “Meera who is 3 going on 13, and Minna,” now 8-months.

On her food blog, Ashour has two years worth of illustrative recipes and stories. On her ‘About Me,’ page she shares a little of her story.

“I am originally Palestinian, but a first generation here in the states. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and didn’t move to Texas until I got married. So far, I really like it here in Dallas. I mean the food in itself is a great bonus! I hate being so far from my family, but thankfully I’m lucky enough to visit often and even luckier that the plane rides are pretty short since my daughter just keeps becoming more active!”

A “stay-at-home mom,” she said moving to Dallas “was really difficult for me because everything I know is in Denver,” but that she is “slowly learning to meet people and do new things.”

Ashour said she’d dreamed of being a “pediatrician,” but also “wanted to go to culinary school,” something her mother was not in favor of as she would have had to move out-of-state. So Ashour graduated from the University of Colorado Denver and while on a pre-med track, “finished my Pre-Med with elementary education as my actual degree.”

She said “a year before I was supposed to graduate, I did an internship at a local elementary school. I absolutely fell in love with all of it. Immediately, I knew that what I wanted was to be a teacher. Then, I got married. And had a kid. And now I stay home and cook. Somehow it all kind of just worked itself out.”

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