Black Moon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Black Moon


A Black Moon will occur in North America on July 31, 2019, according to

A typical lunar cycle reportedly takes approximately 29 days to complete, however, our months are slightly longer. As a result, about every 32 months, we see two full moons or two new moons. This will be the first Black Moon since 2016.

The outlet reports that the new moon occurring on Wednesday night is a Black Moon. The event will happen at approximately 11:13 p.m. EDT.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Black Moon is the Second New Moon of the Month

By definition, a full moon is the phase of the moon in which its whole disk is illuminated. Conversely, a new moon refers to the moment when the moon’s Earth-facing side is fully in shadow. While the second full moon of a month is called a Blue Moon, the second new moon of the month is called a Black Moon.

A Black Moon also refers to a month in which there are no new moons. That event only possible during the month of February because it has fewer days. A Black Moon in this instance is far less common and occurs about once a decade.

According to, the Black Moon is a somewhat unusual celestial event, occurring about once every 32 months, and sometimes only occur in certain time zones.

The next new moon will reportedly arrive on August 30, 2019, for all parts of the world except for the U.S. West Coast, where it will occur on August 29 at 11:37 p.m. PDT. So, every part of the world that did not see a Black Moon in July will get a chance to see a Black Moon on August 30. The next Black Moon will occur on April 30, 2022.

2. The Moon Will Blend in With the Sky

Broadcast meteorologist Rick Dickert explained the phenomenon on Twitter. “Super black moon rising..8:12 pm PDT tonight..,” Dickert said. “Tonight’s new (no) moon is the second of July..making it a “black” moon..The moon is also at perigee..meaning it’s closer to earth than average..This makes the new moon also a super moon-Remember, new moons are NOT visible..”

According to, the “new moon phase” happens at the time of the month when the moon passes through the same part of the sky as the sun. Therefore, the moon’s unilluminated side faces Earth and appears black. As a result, there is not much to see.

NASA says that the Moon is much farther away from Earth than people often think – about a quarter of a million miles away, or about 400 thousand kilometers. In other words, the distance is so great that the other seven major planets could fit in the space between.

3. There Could Be a Great View of the Milky Way

Astrophysicist and meteorologist Nate suggested people go stargazing during the Black Moon. “Looking for something to do tonight?” Nate asked. “We have another new moon this month (two full moons in a month are a blue moon, two new moons are a black moon). Prime time to go star gazing and the milkyway will be in great position. Look for the stars Vega, Deneb, & Altair!”

According to Forbes, a Black Moon in a summer night sky allows for some serious stargazing. The outlet suggests being under a dark sky away from any pollution. Sit outside for several minutes and let your eyes adjust, then look up and enjoy the view.

After several meteor showers over the past few days and the coming Black Moon, there will be a chance to clearly see shooting stars and maybe even the Milky Way.

4. A Black Moon is Not a Sign of the End Times

Azia Archer said that it is very fitting that July 2019 ends with a Black Moon. “If that ain’t a mood,” she said.

Some outlets are linking the Black Moon with the end times, saying that conspiracy theorists have claimed the event will bring with it worldwide destruction and the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, there is nothing to worry about.

According to, the Black Moon is not a sign on the end times. While its timing is significant to some religions and belief systems, the Black Moon does not forecast destruction.

5. People Are Sharing Their Excited for the Black Moon on Social Media

Writer Kathy Garrison remembers the Black Moon of 2016, saying this new phase signifies a time for new beginnings and change. Kathy wants everyone to celebrate responsibly!

“Today marks in the end of Mercury Retrograde so It’s time to relax and be happy,” professional tarot card reader Charu Kumar said.

“Tomorrow, if you see me outside, naked, and talking to the moon, just mind your business okay? #newmoon #BlackMoon” Hayden Merryn wrote.

Becs Shindler said that she is taking time to appreciate the sun before the Black Moon rises.