Tribute to Darren ‘Scotty’ Jevcak, Teen Gunned Down in New Castle, PA

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Seventeen-year-old Darren ‘Scotty’ Jevcak was working in a New Castle pizzeria as a delivery boy when he was shot and killed by the father of a girl the teen had been seeing.

In a Facebook post, New Castle Police said 41-year-old Michael J. D’Biagio “admitted” that he got his gun, drove 30 miles from Beaver Falls to Scustie’s Pizza Shop, and when Jevcak walked outside, D’Biagio shot the boy, who was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

D’Biagio was charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault and held without bail. He’s due back in court July 30. In reports, D’Biagio claims Jevcak smoked marijuana with his daughter, a 15-year-old. Jevcak was a year older than the girl. Jevcak just celebrated his 17th birthday on July 5. In the fall, he would have started his senior year of high school.

His obituary reads that the teen was a ‘caring and helpful person, Darren enjoyed weightlifting and spending precious time with his family and many friends.”

Police described him as being a good kid, holding down two jobs and with no previous police contact.

As D’Biagio remains in a county jail, Jevcak’s family, friends and his community is at once in shock and grieving but also asking why. His family says that he was following his heart, that he was in love and was a hard-working good kid.

But D’Biagio told police that he was upset about his daughter’s relationship with the boy and claimed she was sneaking out to “go smoke marijuana.” He told police he shot Jevcak “five or six” times, according to a report on the criminal complaint filed by police with prosecutors. D’Biagio called the teen, drove to his job and when the boy came out to speak with D’Biagio, the man shot him, the report reads.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘A Good Kid Gunned Down While Working & Trying to be a Productive Member of Society,’ His Family Says

“We are heartbroken and I really can’t even wrap my head around this yet. Gone way too young and so senseless. He was a child of a family. The first grandchild. The first nephew. The first child. A good kid gunned down while working and trying to be a productive member of society. He died in the name of love. Following his heart. Which was huge….”

‘I Will Love You Until My Final Breath.’ Jevcak’s Mother Said Her Son Was an Organ Donor & That He Would Likely ‘Save Some Lives’

Ashley Altemus wrote on Facebook that the murder of her son is unfathomable. She says that D’Biagio committed premeditated murder. That he killed her boy because he “loved a girl.”

“I cannot even put my thoughts/emotions into words right now. My son did not deserve this. All he did was love a girl who had a psychotic father. This man plotted to ambush my child at his job and kill him.”

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“I’ll never get to hug my baby again. Never hear his voice. His older sisters are heartbroken. I had to sit my three young children down this evening and tell them their brother is gone. They are destroyed, as am I, and anyone else who was lucky enough to know my boy,” she wrote.

His mother also shared that her son was an organ donor.

“This young man will save some lives thanks to his desire to be an organ donor. This was my son. Always had a desire to help others. He will live on…”

He had siblings; five of them.

His Uncle Poured His Grief & Anger Into a Wrenching & Heartbreaking Facebook Post: ‘No One Can Ever Give Me an Explanation to Justify Why a Grown Man Executed a Child’

“My first ‘buddy’. My best man at my wedding. He was my sidekick for so many years. The last couple years, we may not have spent as much time together as before, but that will never change the love and bond we had. He was a first for many of us. Our learning curve. He was the first to call me uncle and I was probably the first to teach him about ‘tough love.’ I wanted him to be ready for the ugly world we live in. Trying to teach him love, respect and what it takes to be a man. Never thought it would end like this tho. I tried to fill a void in his life when his father was absent. To be a role model. The entire family played a part in raising this boy. Some more than others, but we were all so closely connected with him. It truly took a family to raise him but none of us could be more proud of the gentleman he became. There was a point in time I worried about him going down the wrong path. Seeing him grow and mature the last couple years left me knowing he was good,” Josh Altemus wrote.

“Truly pisses me off seeing some of the speculations about why this happened. You can’t even manufacture something that’s going to justify this to me. Ever. He wasn’t perfect but he was a damn good kid with a heart of gold. No one can ever give me an explanation to justify why a grown man executed a child. This child. Our child. At this point, I can only hope that the system fails us. Hope that some day this man can be hunted down, ambushed and executed like the animal he truly is. Hope that he feels the fear, pain and suffering that he inflicted. My heart breaks thinking of his final moments of life. He deserved so much better in life…”

Jevcak Would Have Begun His Senior Year in High School Next Month. His ‘Best Friend’ is Grieving: ‘My Friend Lost His Life at 17 to Violence But His Name Will Live On’

Trying to make sense of his best friend’s death, Tyler Powell could only say the murder allegedly perpetrated by the father of a girl his friend was seeing is “disgusting.”

“Darren was one of my best friends we did everything together I’m going to miss him so much! R.I.P. Darren,” he wrote.

Jevcak’s siblings and large extended family have posted on social media sharing their pain.

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A vigil was held for the teen.

The Pizzeria Posted Its Condolences on Its Facebook Page After Being Criticized For Remaining Open After the Killing

According to posts on the New Castle Police Facebook page, it’s reported that some were upset that the pizzeria remained open in the wake of the murder. The owners took to Facebook to explain.

“The Camerot family wishes to express its deepest condolences to Darren’s family. Despite my errors in judgment in communication last night, I take full responsibility for them, it was me that made the decisions and not any of my family members. Unfortunately the fact remains that we lost our Darren, and we are stunned and horrified by this event. Rest In Peace Darren.”

A GoFundMe Was Created to Help Cover Funeral Costs

A number of family members and friends have posted to social media that the family is in need of financial help to bury the teen. A GoFundMe page was created and has so far raised around $4,000.

D’Biagio Is Being Held Without Bond For Jevcak’s Murder

When police arrived just before 5:30 p.m., they found Jevcak on the ground, unconscious and bleeding from gunshots wounds.

D’Biagio claimed that his daughter was smoking marijuana and using cocaine with Jevcak, according to the complaint, and after confronting her, called the boy, and armed, drove to meet him. The complaint reveals the graphic details about what D’Biagio admitted he did.

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