Is ‘Euphoria’ Episode 7’s Title Named After a Song? What Does the Title Mean?


So far, every episode title in Euphoria since the pilot has been named after a song. But it looks like Episode 7 of Euphoria is going to be an exception. The episode title for this week does not appear to be named for a song. This post will have minor spoilers for Episode 7 based on what the episode’s title meant. 

Tonight Might Be Breaking the Pattern of Episode Titles Named after Songs

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Tonight’s episode is titled: “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed.” Despite fans’ trying to find a song that matches the title, everyone has come up empty. So it looks like this is breaking the show’s pattern. We also don’t have an official description yet either, which is unusual. TV Guide’s description is just a generic description and not specific for the episode.

UPDATE: We have a description now! “Rue gets depressed and watches 22 straight episodes of a British reality show.​ Jules goes to visit an old friend. Cassie looks for advice in the aftermath of Halloween night.”

Why isn’t tonight’s episode named after a song? It’s not clear, but the show is really good at keeping fans on their toes. It’s kind of nice to not know what to expect. The show’s always throwing twists and turns in its plot, and now it looks like we won’t know what to expect from the titles either.

Fans Have a Theory About What the Episode 7 Title Means


As for as tonight’s episode title and what it means, most fans think that the title is referencing Cassie possibly thinking she’s pregnant and trying to take a pregnancy pee test. Last week we saw her staring at her tampons and suddenly realizing that she hadn’t needed to use one for a while. So it’s likely that the episode title is referencing this. But we’ll update this story after the episode airs if we learn a surprise meaning to the title during the episode.

UPDATE: The title was actually referencing problems Rue was having peeing, more than Cassie’s issues. That’s another interesting twist.

Some Fans Came Up with Songs That Would Have Made Good Episode Titles


When fans couldn’t find a song title to match tonight’s episode, they came up with some alternative song titles that might have made good episode titles for tonight, too. You can read the full thread of alternative ideas on Reddit here. The thread was started by u/blkstar1. Some of their ideas included:

  • Brenda’s Got a Baby (Tupac)
  • Keep Ya Head Up (Tupac)
  • See You at the Crossroads (Bone Thugs N Harmony)
  • 99 Problems (Jay Z)
  • Lost Ones (Lauryn Hill)
  • Dear Mama (Tupac)
  • Children’s Story (Slick Rick)
  • Mind Playing Tricks on Me (Geto Boys)

Episodes 2-6 Were Named After Songs

Here’s a look back at previous episodes and their matching song titles.

Episode 2 was called “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.” Here’s the song the title’s based on:

Stunnin Like My Daddy – Lil' Wayne and Birdman (FULL)Music Video from the hit song "Stunnin Like My Daddy" by Lil' Wayne and Birdman Sorry about the lest one. If you had it linked use this one instead! =]2006-11-21T01:42:42.000Z

Episode 3 was called “Made You Look. Here’s the song this one was based on.

Nas – Made You LookMusic video by Nas performing Made You Look. (C) 2003 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT2015-04-17T11:29:47.000Z

Episode 4 is called “Shook One Pt. 11.” This one was based on a song too:.

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Part II (HD) mobb deep shook ones part 2 Word up son, word.. Yeah, to all the killers and the hundred dollar billers For real, niggas who ain't got no feelings Check it out now [Prodigy] I got you stuck off the realness We be the infamous, you heard of us Official Queens bridge murderers The Mobb…2010-01-31T17:12:05.000Z

Episode 5 was called “’03 Bonnie and Clyde.” Here’s the song this episode’s title was based on:

Beyonce & Jay-Z | '03 Bonnie & Clyde

| London | 2018

#beyonce #jayz #london #londonstadium #2018 #otr #otr22018-06-17T02:01:42.000Z


Episode 6 is called “The Next Episode.” Despite sounding like a generic title, it was actually based on a song too.

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg – The Next Episode (Official Video)Get COMPTON the NEW ALBUM from Dr. Dre on Apple Music: Music video by Dr. Dre performing The Next Episode. (C) 1999 Interscope Records (C) 2000 Aftermath/Interscope Records #DrDre #TheNextEpisode #Vevo2009-06-16T23:18:06.000Z

Should Episode 7 have continued the trend of naming episode titles after songs? Fans are divided, but one thing is for sure: Euphoria will always be keeping us on our toes.

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