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Jasmine Anderson, after bringing her already dead 5-year-old old daughter to a local hospital in Louisiana claiming she rushed there from a car accident, is now being charged with second-degree murder after the Alexandria Police Department went to the scene of the crime and found no evidence of an alleged crash.

The police determined that the 5-year-old’s injuries “did not seems consistent with what would occur during a crash,” and after further investigation, Anderson was booked and held at Rapides Parish Detention Center. Previous arrest records show that she was booked there before in 2014 and 2015.

Following Anderson’s arrest Police Chief Jerrod King said, “The wrongful death of a child is a horrible thing to see…. I want to specifically commend Sergeant Butler and Corporal Daigre of our Traffic Division, who spent hours painstakingly recreating the suspect’s movements and discovering the location of the crime.”

In the midst of the current investigation, police may soon revisit the previous death cases of Audrey’s father, Christopher Dawayne “Critter” Chelette, who died of an assumed suicide in 2016, and of Anderson’s other child, who died at the age of 4 after allegedly chocking on a bottle cap on April 25. Kendra Foster, Audrey’s grandmother told NBC News of her son’s death, “[Anderson is] the one who found him,” and after her grandson, Christopher “CJ” Chelette Jr. died after choking on a Coke cap, “she’s the one who found him.”

Here’s what you need to know about Jamie Anderson…

1. Anderson is Being Held on a $500,000 Bond for Audrey’s Alleged Murder

Audrey Chalette

Anderson, a 24-year-old from Rapides Parish, Louisiana, was arrested on Tuesday and her bond was set at $500,000 from Judge Beard in the 9th Judicial District Court. According to the police department’s report, on July 17, Anderson brought her daughter Audrey Chelette to Christus St. Francis Cabrini Hospital after claiming she had been in a single-vehicle crash claiming, “Chelette’s head and neck had struck the front passenger’s side window.”

According to grandmother Kendra Foster, doctors told her that Audrey arrived to the hospital with a four-inch slit on her throat, but that there were no other signs of injury from the alleged car crash. Police reported that the autopsy confirmed that the 5-year-old child died from a neck injury.

2. Audrey’s Father Allegedly Hung Himself & Brother Choked on a Bottle Cap

Christopher Dawayne Chalette

According to the obituary from the Gallagher Funeral Home in Ball, Louisiana, Christopher Dawayne “Critter” Chelette, died at the age of 20 in 2016. His funeral took place on February, 25, at Bethel Baptist Church in Colfax, Louisiana. Investigators ruled Christopher Sr.’s death a suicide, he was found by Anderson after hanging himself.

Jasmine Anderson via FacebookCJ and Audrey Chelette at their father’s funeral

Three years later, his son “CJ” died of allegedly choking on a Coke bottle cap on April 25, 2019, at Rapides Regional Hospital. He was 4 years old. Christopher Chelette Jr. was buried in the same cemetery as his father, as was Audrey.

3. Kendra Foster Never Suspected Anderson’s Involvement in Her Grandson’s and Son’s Death Until Audrey Died

Christoper “CJ” Chalette Jr.

Foster said she is speaking out not because she is seeking revenge against her grandchildren’s mother, but because of concern for Anderson and her family. “I just want her to deal with what she’s done. I feel bad for her family because they lost both grandchildren and a child that’s still alive. I know how to deal with mine. Mine are gone. They have to deal with trying to figure out what happened to her for this to happen. I lived with her, I took care of her, and I don’t understand it myself.”

She is also grappling with the fact that Anderson was the last person to see both her grandson, son, and now, granddaughter alive. Foster claims, “She was with them in their dying moments — all three of them — and none of them lived.”

Alexandria Police Department Corporal Wade Bourgeois said, “Naturally, we are taking another look at our files from these deaths. However, it would be premature to say we are reopening the cases.”

4. Anderson was Previously Suspected of Child Abuse

Jamie Anderson

According to a Pineville Police Department report from April 2, 2017, two people called the police with concerns about about Anderson who “seemed unstable,” and claimed she wanted to “kill herself” because it was “her time to go.” In the report, the two callers stated that Anderson “wanted to give her children in the lake or river and let it baptize them.”

Police went to the 1800-block of U.S. 165, which is near Buhlow Lake, and in the report Anderson apparently said that she had “been going through a lot of hardships in her life,” while discussing “religion and a new beginning.” Police soon realized that Anderson had been listed as a missing person in Grant Parish.

Anderson was taken to Christus St. Frances Cabrini’s emergency room while Audrey and Christoper Jr. were released to a relative. New station KALB reached out to the Department of Children and Family Services to see if there any other reports of alleged child endangerment or abuse, but the Pineville Police Department then handed off the case, and what happened next is unknown. Heidi Rogers Kinchen, the public information officer for DCFSt said, “DCFS is bound by the confidentiality restrictions set forth in La. R.S. 46:56 and cannot comment on or acknowledge the existence of a possible abuse or neglect investigation involving a child.”

5. There is Public Concern that Audrey’s Death Could’ve Been Prevented

Jasmine Anderson via FacebookCJ Chelette and Audrey Chelette

While she previously worked at McAlister’s Deli, Subway, and Little Caesers, Jasmine Anderson proudly listed her occupation as a “Full Time Mummy” on Facebook. And while she posted numerous photos of her children on the social media site, Foster said that even Audrey’s maternal grandmother, Melanie Anderson, also suspected Jasmine of possible child abuse, and made numerous calls of concern to the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services. “The system failed my babies,” Foster said. “I do not understand why the system failed these children so bad.”

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