Michael D’Biagio: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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New Castle PD/Facebook Michael J. D'Biagio has been charged with homicide and aggravated assault for the murder of Darren "Scotty" Jevcak, 17.

A 41-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing murder charges for killing his daughter’s 17-year-old boyfriend, after suspecting the boy was supplying his daughter with drugs. Beaver Falls resident Michael D’Biagio, 41, was arrested immediately after the July 19 shooting that left 17-year-old Darren “Scotty” Jevcak dead. D’Biagio suspected Jevcak was supplying drugs to his daughter.

D’Biagio admitted to firing at Jevcak “five or six times,” as the teen walked out of Scustsie’s Super Pizza, in New Castle, where he worked.

D’Biagio was arraigned on July 20 and has been charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault. He is currently being housed in the Lawrence County Prison.

Here’s what you need to know Michael D’Biagio and the murder of Darren Jevcak.

1. D’Biagio Thought Jevcak Was Doing Cocaine & Smoking Marijuana With His Daughter

D’Biagio told police he was angry after “learning things” about his daughter and her boyfriend and that he’d discovered his daughter was “sneaking out of the house with her friend to go buy weed in the middle of the night.” D’Biagio also said his daughter was using cocaine with Jevcak.

“The dad suspected they were using drugs, I believe, with a group of friends and then he stated he came up here to talk to him,” New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem explained.

On the day of the shooting, D’Biagio confronted his daughter on the phone while she was at the mall with her mother. He then called Jevcak to ask his location. D’Biagio said he then went into his bedroom, retrieved his gun, then drove 30 minutes from Beaver Falls to Scustie’s Super Pizza at 1101 Highland Avenue in New Castle. Once there, he waited outside for Jevcak, who delivered pizzas for the restaurant.

Salem revealed that D’Biagio said he had initially planned to verbally confront Jevcak but for instead, shot him on sight. “He didn’t talk to him. He started shooting him as soon as he came out of his place of employment.”

2. D’Biagio Shot Jevcak in the Head to ‘Put Him Out of His Misery,’ Police Say

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When Jevcak exited from the back door around 5:25 p.m., D’Biagio fired his weapon, striking Jevcak in the arm and causing him to fall in the parking lot. He told investigators he shot Jevcak “five or six times.”

According to the police report, D’Biagio then walked over to the boy, who appeared to be in shock, and then shot him in the head “to put him out of his misery.”

3. D’Biagio Told One Witness ‘This Is What Drug Dealers Get,’ Police Say

Joseph Camerot, owner of Scustie’s Super Pizza, said he looked out the window of his restaurant and saw D’Biagio shooting at the teen. Camerot ran out of the restaurant and saw D’Biagio still shooting. When Camerot asked why he had shot Jevcak, D’Biagio replied that the boy had gotten his daughter “hooked on cocaine” and “so this was what drug dealers get.”

“[D’Biagio] was protecting his daughter,” Salem said, adding, “Now he’s not going to be with his daughter anymore. He tore up two families, for nothing. It’s senseless.”

4. D’Biagio Walked Down the Street With His Gun, Then Returned to His Car & Surrendered

Immediately after the shooting, witnesses thought they saw D’Biagio return to his car and reload the gun, then begin walking down the street. He suddenly put the gun down on the sidewalk, got on his knees, and placed his hands up in the air for 2-3 minutes.

Witnesses said D’Biagio stood up, grabbed the gun and began walking back to his car. He took something out of the vehicle, then set the gun down on the sidewalk on the passenger side, and made a phone call. D’Biagio then got down on the ground when police arrived and surrendered without incident.

Police found Jevcak in the parking lot adjacent to the pizzeria. He was treated at the scene by first responders and then transported to University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Jameson, where he was pronounced dead.

5. Jevcak Had No Prior Run-Ins with the Law

According to Salem, Jacek had no prior police record. “He was actually working two different jobs.

By all accounts, he was a good kid.” New Castle Police Chief Robert Salem told there was no record of him having any run-ins with the police.

Family and friends are left to mourn Javcek’s untimely death. “The last couple years, we may not have spent as much time together as before, but that will never change the love and bond we had,” Jevcak’s uncle, Josh Altemus, said.