Tulsi Gabbard’s White Pantsuit Wins the Democratic Debate

Getty Tulsi Gabbard

On July 31, CNN kicked off the second night of their Democratic debates. Broadcast live from Detroit, Michigan, viewers prepared for the highly anticipated showdowns between the presidential candidates, Jay Inslee, Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard, Michael Bennet, Bill de Blasio, Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden.

However, before the heated discussion officially kicked off, stealing the spotlight was U.S. representative Tulsi Gabbard’s white pantsuit. As the 38-year-old stepped onto the stage at the Fox Theatre, Twitter went nuts over her power outfit. Standing out from the sea of dark navy suits, and Kamala Harris’s grey pantsuit, users online called her white outfit “bold,” complimentarily compared her to Princess Leia from Star Wars, and took it as a message that she showed up to the debate ready to fight.

While clothing and fashion is not the main focus of CNN’s Democratic debate, when it comes to naming the Best Dressed candidate, the Internet named representative Gabbard as the clear winner. Women everywhere in America want to know who designed it, how much it is, and if it’s available in their size.

Omarosa tried to start a poll online as to which presidential candidate wore the white suit better, reminding viewers that 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wore a similar outfit. But it’s a silly question, and one that is not up for debate. Both women looked incredible and confident in their white power suits.

Gabbard’s Opening Statement: Bringing the White Pantsuit to the White House

During Gabbard’s opening statement at the debate, the white pantsuit continued to shine on camera.

“I love our country. It’s why I enlisted after 9/11, why I served as a soldier for over 16 years, deployed twice in the Middle East, and have served in Congress now for almost 7 years, I know what patriotism is, and I’ve known many great patriots throughout my life. and let me tell you this, and Donald trump is not behaving like a patriot.”

“As President, I will bring this spirit of real patriotism in the White House. Serving the interests of all Americans, not just the rich and powerful. I’ll fight for our rights and freedoms of rights of all Americans and upholding these principals in our constitution upon which our country was founded. Fighting for justice and equality for all.”

At the First Democratic Debate, Tulsi’s Hair Stole the Show

During the democratic debate in Miami on June 26, as 10 presidential candidates discussed health care, immigration, and the numerous pitfalls of Donald Trump, viewers were completely distracted by what appeared to be a single silver streak in Gabbard’s hair.

Not everyone was complimentary upon seeing the silver streak in her hair, and compared the style to Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations. However, The Hawaiian representative’s sister responded to the speculation on Twitter, confirming that she did not dye her hair silver. “Natural,” she wrote. “It happened after her deployment to Iraq. She keeps it as a daily remind of her experience and her purpose.”

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