Amazon Prime Down: Thousands Reporting Issues with Video & More

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Amazon Prime appears to be down for thousands of people right now. Reports are coming in from different parts of the world, but mostly from the United States. If you’re having issues it isn’t because your subscription has expired. Amazon Prime is experiencing problems right now and this is affecting its shopping, video, and music services. Amazon has acknowledged the issue, but it’s not clear what the cause is. It appears that Amazon is starting to resolve the issue in some regions, since the error message isn’t still appearing on the Prime page for some users. However, others have said that customer service told them it might still be a couple of hours before the issue is fixed.

You can see on Down Detector that reports have skyrocketed recently for Prime Video, for example.


And most of the issues with Prime Video are in the United States. But problems aren’t just with the Video service. Prime’s shopping and music services are also having issues.


Amazon has acknowledged the problem on its website. They wrote: “We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please return later for more information about Prime.”

A look at the Amazon page for Down Detector also reflects the issues. Issues are being reported from the website, log-in- and checkout.

Down Detector

There are a number of issues and errors you might be experiencing if you’re trying to use Amazon Prime. You might not be able to play any Amazon Prime videos, whether you’re using your browser or an app on your TV or mobile device. When you click on the Amazon Prime page, you might see an error message. You might not be shown to be a member of Amazon Prime while the error is happening. You might even be asked to pay again when you know you shouldn’t need to pay.

Although most of the Down Detector complaints are from the United States, it’s actually a global issue.

It’s unclear exactly what’s causing the issue at this time. However, some accounts are seeing the issue being resolved, with the Prime page working and the error message gone. In Texas, for example, the issue has been resolved for some users. On Down Detector, people are also reporting the services working again in Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

But others have said they were told it might take a couple hours to get the service back up completely.

One customer said they’ve been on hold for 20 minutes with Amazon trying to get help.

Amazon is responding on Twitter to let people know they’re working on the issue. They told one customer: “Apologies for the trouble you’re facing with Prime Video. Our relevant team is aware of this issue and currently working to fix it. Appreciate your understanding.”

Of course, people have taken to Twitter to share their frustration.

Depending on where you live, you might be seeing the issue already resolved, or it might be a couple more hours before your service is working.

But it won’t be too long before the service is up and running, according to reports from happy customers who say Prime is now working again for them.