WATCH: Jeffrey Epstein’s Virgin Islands House Raided by FBI & NYPD

fbi nypd epstein VI house raid

Screenshot R. Schackleford video

In a four-minute long video of drone footage posted to YouTube, federal agents and members of the New York Police Department can be seen inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James complex’ main house.

The video shows agents going in and out and gathering what is likely evidence in the ongoing case again the sexual predator and alleged sex trafficker who hanged himself in a federal jail Saturday. Members of the FBI and NYPD raided Epstein’s private island Monday as part of the continuing investigation into that case.

In tourist cellphone video published by NBC, agents can be seen on the island.

But this drone video shows agents inside his house. Agents appear to notice the drone and begin covering windows to prevent the device from further recording their actions. On a table is what appears to be bubble-wrapped electronics. Agents in shirts and jackets saying NYPD and FBI are seen.

fbi nypd epstein house raid

The drone video was uploaded by YouTube user Rusty Schakleford. He has a number of other drone videos of Epstein’s island complex.

FBI Raid Little St. James USVI 8/12/192019-08-13T05:52:20.000Z

Epstein, in jail awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges, died Saturday while in custody of the federal Bureau of Prisons, which is overseen by the Department of Justice. Epstein is reported to have hanged himself, but the New York City Medical Examiner has not yet ruled on the former billionaire’s cause and manner of death, per an email to Heavy.

It’s been widely reported that the accused pedophile had been on suicide watch but was recently taken off that close surveillance. His death is under investigation, including a report that Epstein was not checked for hours and one guard was not an corrections officer, AG Barr said Monday.

Barr’s father hired a 21-year-old Epstein to teach math at a posh Upper East Side college prep school in the 1970s. Epstein did not have a college degree.

As the sex trafficking case continues, it’s widely reported that Epstein longtime confidante, former girlfriend, and alleged procurer of young girls Ghislaine Maxwell may be a target.

Meanwhile, its unclear precisely what will happen with regards to what prosecutors believe is a half a billion-dollar estate though numerous civil cases by Epstein victims may have a say in that. What happens with the federal seizure of Epstein’s $77 million Manhattan mansion is not clear.

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