Large Joliet Fire Near New Lenox Slows Traffic on I-80 [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

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If you have been driving down I-80 today in Joliet near New Lenox, Illinois, then you may have seen a large fire right off I-80. So far no injuries have been reported, but traffic has been slowed in the region. Read on to learn more details and see photos and videos.

The fire is reported to be at International Chimney Corp at 20622 Amherst Court in Joliet, Illinois, right off I-80.

A map of the fire’s reported location is above.

Local news is reporting that eastbound I-80, just before US 30, is shut down to the Joliet fire “on Cherry Hill Road at New Lenox Road.”

Many people are sharing photos and videos of what appears to be a large fire in the region.

The warehouse fire is north of Haven in Will County. No injuries have been reported yet, according to Scott Slocum of the local Scott Slocum radio show.

Here are more views of the fire.

One person who drove past before the highway was closed said they could feel the heat in their car from the fire.

Here is another video of the fire.

News about the fire appears to be scarce right now. reported that the fire can be seen from miles and is burning on the east side of Joliet near New Lenox. This is east of Cherry Hill.

The Northern Illinois FireGround Photos Facebook page referred to the fire as a “fully involved chemical warehouse fire.”

Others nearby reported that they thought they heard an explosion too, but this is not verified.

This has been referred to as a “box alarm” fire on dispatch, which typically means a first alarm “all hands” fire.

Local sources have indicated the fire might have started from a fault within a Fibox, but this is not confirmed. reported that a foam task force had been called in to help with the fire.

The Joliet Fire Department’s Facebook page has not yet posted about this fire. The fire is visible from miles away. If you’re in the region and seeing thick, black clouds on the horizon, it is likely from this fire.

Another fire was just in the area a few days ago, six miles northwest of Joliet in Carbon County, Billings Gazette reported. The fire grew in steep terrain to about 25 acres before it was put out. It was caused by lightning.