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Target food

Target Target unveils new food and beverage brand Good & Gather

Grocery shoppers will soon have a new option available: Target is launching a new food and beverage brand that promises to be more health-conscious. Read on for details.

An Army recruit demonstrates his commitment by cutting 150 inches of hair that he’d been growing for 15 years! See the video below.

And a South Dakota mother went to the doctor for pain. She never expected that hours later, she and her husband would be welcoming three new babies to the family!

Here’s what you need to know in the daily roundup.

TOP STORY: Target Unveils a New Food & Beverage Brand

Target food


Shoppers will soon have a new option for grocery shopping. Early today, Target unveiled its own food and beverage brand called Good & Gather. The new line will hit store shelves nationwide on September 15.

According to a news release on Target’s website, the goal was to offer healthy items without unnecessary additions. Shoppers won’t see artificial flavors, synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup in the brand items.

Executive vice president Stephanie Lundquist had this to say about the Good & Gather brand: “Our guests are incredibly busy and want great-tasting food they can feel good about feeding their families… Our team got to work on our most ambitious food undertaking yet, reimagining our owned food brands to serve up convenient, affordable options that do not cut corners on quality or taste.”

The announcement did not include future prices. Target stores will begin by selling about 650 Good & Gather food and drink products this fall, with more items to be added gradually over the next year.

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Army Recruit Gets His First Haircut in 15 Years to Join the Military

This is what dedication looks like! Reynaldo Arroyo, 23, was pumped to enlist in the Army. Originally from Riverside, California, Arroyo signed up at the Missoula U.S. Army Recruiting Station in Montana as an 11X Infantryman with Airborne.

In order to complete the process, Arroyo needed a haircut. It would be his first in 15 years! In a video shared to Facebook by the Salt Lake City Army Recruiting Battalion, Arroyo showed off his waist-length hair and the haircut.

Arroyo donated 150 inches of hair to Locks of Love. He said in the video that “hopefully some lucky little girl will get it.”

OFF-BEAT: A Professional Cuddler Was Stripped of Her National Certification

FacebookSusanne Woodward

In the state of Arizona, cuddling is a professional service that is not regulated by any state boards or organizations. That issue recently made headlines after Susanne Woodward, who is also a licensed massage therapist, was accused of sexual misconduct by a client.

The client complained to Tempe police and the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy after she said Woodward had instructed her to suck on her breast during a cuddling session. The police ruled that no crime had been committed. The State Board also dismissed the complaint because Woodward’s cuddling business was determined to be outside of the board’s jurisdiction.

But Woodward is no longer a certified cuddler. She was associated with a national organization called Cuddlist, but the group’s co-founder called Woodward’s interaction with the client a “gross violation of our code of conduct” and stripped Woodward of her certification. Read more about the case here.


  • Ohio man James Reardon was accused of threatening to attack a Jewish community center and quickly arrested.
  • Indiana teenager Madison Eddlemon was found safe in Arkansas yesterday and suspect Alexander Curry-Fishtorn was arrested.
  • Gina Lopez, a well-known Filipino philanthropist and environmentalist, has died after battling brain cancer.
  • Disney’s streaming service will be available on most devices when it launches in November, including Roku and Apple TV. Amazon Fire is the glaring exception.
  • Health officials are trying to determine if a mysterious lung illness is caused by vaping.


Talk about a major surprise! South Dakota mother Dannette Giltz went to the doctor because she thought she was suffering from kidney stones.

But the pain turned out to be caused not by kidney stones, but contractions! Giltz was 34 weeks pregnant with triplets and had gone into labor. Giltz, who already had two older children, shared on Facebook that she hadn’t felt the babies move and never guessed she was pregnant.

She and husband Austin welcomed two healthy girls and one boy. They named the babies Blaze Jackson, Nikki Marie, and Gypsy Zada. Congratulations!

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