WATCH: Man with TV on Head Leaves CRT TVs on Porches in Virginia


A strange version of Santa Claus has shown up in Virginia. A man wearing a TV on his head is sneaking onto residents’ porches late at night and leaving old CRT televisions behind. Nearly 60 homes have gotten the special deliveries so far and many were caught on video, ABC News reported. You can see videos and learn more in the story below.

Nearly 60 Vintage TVs Have Been Delivered by This Strange Santa Claus

The weird late-night deliveries are happening mostly in the Hampshire neighborhood of Henrico County, Virginia.

Henrico Police told ABC News that they think it’s a prank and the only actual crime happening is illegal dumping.

Sometimes the TV Santa Claus waves after he leaves a TV behind, and sometimes he just quietly walks away. He’s a strange modern-day Santa Claus leaving behind vintage gifts.

In a surprising twist, the suspect is probably a group of suspects. Lt. Matt Pecka told WTVR-TV that more than one person was delivering the TVs “to the majority of homes throughout the community.”

Some People Are Jealous They’re Not Getting a TV

Here’s another video, shared on Reddit’s Weird subreddit. The man waves after he drops off the TV.

On Reddit one person commented: “At least he lifts with his knees… no back Injury for him.” [sic]

Others commented that they hoped he would drop off a TV at their home. The CRT Gaming subreddit seemed especially jealous of the deliveries.

One person on the CRT Gaming subreddit commented: “god i wish that were me.” And someone else responded: “You can leave CRTs on my doorstep and make your dream come true.”

Another commented: “If you’re coming round my neck of the woods I’d like a 25″ Sony Trinitron. Thank you.”

And then the Redditor u/ApatheticCreative got creative: “I want TV head guy to visit my home in the night. What do I leave out for him? AAA batteries and coaxial cables?”

The guy is wearing a jumpsuit and a TV for a head when the deliveries are made, making the person hard to identify.

Henrico police collected all the TVs and disposed of them so residents weren’t left having to figure out what to do with really heavy tube TVs.

This next video zooms in for a closer look at the suspect after showing a delivery we already saw in the previous video:

Making the whole thing even stranger, something similar happened a year ago. A bunch of vintage TVs were left on the front porches of residents’ homes in Glen Allen. The suspect was never caught.

The televisions are typically CRT versions. Jim Brooksbank told WTVR that the TV left at his house was a 13-inch tube-style television.

One question residents are asking is just where he’s getting these television sets. This time around, nearly 60 old vintage televisions were left on people’s porches. Where could someone obtain so many vintage TVs? And how could they get more than one person to participate in the prank? Was he collecting them at garage sales and pawn shops all year, preparing for this very moment?

People have lots of theories. On the Inside Edition Facebook post, one person suggested: “I know why he is doing this, he works at a warehouse that collect and recycle old electronics for cash but because of the dropping cost for recycling old outdated TV & monitors that is no longer desirable, he decides the best way to rid of it was to dump it all over the neighborhood!” [sic]

Another person suggested: “Just an old pawn shop DONATING to the neighborhood! Where as he can’t probably GIVE all his inventory away!” [sic]

If you have any information, call 804-501-5000.

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