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Colorado Fires

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A hot September continues to fuel fires in Colorado. Here are where all the current fires are located on September 14, 2019 along with maps and updates about fires, including the Decker Fire.

General Map of Colorado Fires

One of the best interactive maps available right now is Inciweb’s map. You can see the full map here. There’s an embeddable Google Map that includes Inciweb fires which you can see below. Depending on your browser, you may need to zoom in using the + button within the map or change settings to only show Inciweb fires:

The map below is an interactive map of some of the bigger fires in Colorado, produced and managed by the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Google. Fires in red are active and fires in black are contained.

This next section will discuss fires by name in alphabetical order.

List of Active Fires in Colorado as of  September 14

Decker Fire


This fire is 276 acres. It started September 8 and is nine miles south of Salida, according to Inciweb.

A public meeting about the fire is taking place September 14 at Poncha Springs Town Hall at 330 Burnett Ave. at 5 p.m.

Inciweb noted on September 14:

The Decker Fire was more active on Friday as heavy dead and down fuels in the Wilderness burned. The increased fire activity was attributed to lower humidity, higher temperatures, and consistent winds through the day. Firefighters will continue to monitor the fire and work to ensure that the fire remains on national forest lands.

The west side of the fire was active yesterday, specifically in burning off islands of unburned fuel in previously burned areas. The Platte Canyon Wildland Fire Module is camped between the fire and US Highway 285 to monitor and check the fire’s spread onto non-forest lands on the west side of the ridge. This crew scouted the northwest edge of the fire on Friday to find natural barriers that can be used to check the fire on natural barriers within the Wilderness.

The east side of the fire was active yesterday afternoon, as the fire moved into heavy dead and down beetle-killed fuels. The fire did not make any significant runs and remains totally in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area. Crews will continue monitoring the east side of the fire and allowing fire to play its natural role in Wilderness to promote forest health and resiliency. A crew (MOD2) worked to clear fuels from around the communications site on Methodist Mountain. Crews will also be placing repeaters to bolster the current communications system and will be placing a remote weather station on Saturday. A Type 3 helicopter from Helena, Montana remains assigned to the incident and remains available, should the need arise.

Fire will be visible on the ridge from the US 285 corridor and the Arkansas River Valley in the evenings and at night. Please do not call 911 to report fire behavior on the Decker Fire or to request fire information. A fire information line (number 719-626-1095, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) is available for fire updates. Please call 911 for emergencies only.”

A warmer afternoon is causing activity to pick up.

You can also follow updates on the fire’s Facebook page.

Hunt Fire

This fire is 2,696 acres and 40 percent contained as of September 14, according to Inciweb. It was caused by lightning as is north of Roan Plateau in Rio Blanco County. Inciweb noted: “Crews have prepared containment lines along existing fuel breaks and around historic cabins, powerlines, roads and oil/gas infrastructure. Burnout operations are expected to continue along Big Jimmy Road and north of the fire today.”

The fire’s in a remote area between Hunter Creek and West Willow Creek. “An area closure is in effect on public lands north of the Rio Blanco County line, east of Hunter Creek Road, west of Willow Creek Road, and south of RBC Road 5.”

Liberty Prescribed Fire

This is a prescribed fire that officials purposefully set in order to help mitigate issues from unexpected fires later.

Middle Mamm Fire


This fire is 265 acres as of September 9, the most recent Inciweb update. It was caused by lightning on July 28. Inciweb noted: “It is burning in the Middle Mamm Creek drainage approximately 10 miles south of Rifle, Colorado. The fire is being managed for resource benefits to reduce accumulated fuels, stimulate forage growth and improve habitat. The current conditions and location of the fire are conducive to safely managing the fire for these ecosystem benefits. Firefighter and public safety is the primary objective. Crews are working to construct indirect fuel breaks and fire line to ensure that private property and associated infrastructure is protected.”

For Middle Mamm fire updates visit:

Red Feather Prescribed Burn

This is a prescribed fire that officials purposefully set in order to help mitigate issues from unexpected fires later.

WIMP 5 Prescribed Fire

This is a prescribed fire that officials purposefully set in order to help mitigate issues from unexpected fires later.

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