Bill Perkins Funds $100,000 Reward to Find Who Killed Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown Shooting

Screengrab via Law & Crime Network Joshua Brown pictured while making his testimony during Amber Guyger's trial.

A $100,000 reward has been offered for information that leads to discovering who killed Joshua Brown. The young man had given an emotional testimony during Amber Guyger’s trial on September 24. He was shot and killed after getting out of his car on Friday, October 4. Bill Perkins, a friend of Shaun King and an energy trader, offered the reward.

Bill Perkins Said He Provided the Reward Because of the ‘Particulars of the Case’

Perkins, a friend of Shaun King, shared on Twitter why he funded the $100,000 reward. He wrote: “Every murder is sad. The particulars around this specific set of circumstances make it important that everyone learn why this happened irrespective of the outcome. Either way a killer needs to be caught & I wish in every case these resources could be brought to bear for justice.”


News of the reward was first shared by Shaun King on Twitter. He wrote: “My friend and brother Bill Perkins @bp22 is providing $100,000 for the reward to help us find who murdered Joshua Brown.” 

A motive for Brown’s murder is not known and police have not released any details about suspects.

Bill Perkins Is the CEO of a Consulting Firm Based in the U.S. Virgin Islands

According to his bio, Perkins is the CEO of BrisaMax Holdings, a consulting firm based in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He’s an energy trader and movie investor who also writes books. Perkins refers to himself as a “Z-list” celebrity (“not famous enough for the D-list.”)

Perkins recently supported a charity mission to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian by paying for security for pilots who were flying in with supplies.

An article in the Wall Street Journal from 2017 referred to Perkins as “the last cowboy.” He’s a natural gas trader who makes big bets, the Wall Street Journal noted, and his method is referred to as a “dying breed.” Rather than using computer programs to trade, he relies on his instincts and his own analysis from 25 years of experience.

He’s also a very popular poker player, Poker Central noted. Now he wants to help find Brown’s killer.

Joshua Brown Was Shot at Close Range While Leaving His Car

Amber Guyger Trial Day 2 Witnesses Joshua Brown, Mr Jones, Bharath Madamanchi, Ranger Davi ArmstrongAmber Guyger Trial Day 2 Witnesses Joshua Brown, Mr Jones, Bharath Madamanchi, Ranger Davi Armstrong #AmberGuygerTrial2019-09-25T02:52:49.000Z

Brown was found at the 4600 block of Cedar Springs Road late Friday night with multiple gunshot wounds, Dallas News reported. A map above shows the approximate location of the shooting at Atera Apartments, located near the Dallas North Tollway and Lemmon Avenue.

A suspect hasn’t been identified and a motive isn’t known, according to local news sources. But witnesses said that a silver four-door sedan was seen leaving the parking lot quickly after they heard gunshots, Dallas News reported.

Lee Merritt, Botham Jean’s family’s attorney who is now helping the Brown family, said on social media that Brown was shot at close range while exiting his car. He described the shooting as an “ambush.” Merritt said it was unclear where Brown was shot and he was waiting on an autopsy to clarify.

On Facebook, Merritt said: “His mother asked that I do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of his murder.”

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