California Fire Map: Track Fires Near Me Today [October 9]

California Fire Map

Inciweb California Fire Map

New fires are being reported in California almost every day, with some fires worsening due to Red Flag warnings, dry climates, and gusty winds. In fact, red flag conditions were so severe that power has been cut off to hundreds of thousands of people in the state. Here’s a look at the latest wildfires for October 9, 2019, including the Briceburg Fire and more This article first includes interactive maps for all of California, including Cal Fire and other sources. Then the second section details specific fires in the region in alphabetical order. Remember that when it comes to fires, details such as evacuations can change quickly, so stay tuned to your local news sources. This story will provide links for where updates will be posted for each individual fire, when available.

For updates for October 10, see Heavy’s story here.

Interactive Maps of California Fires

Here are interactive maps you can follow to get the best updates about California fires in October. In many cases, the fires don’t always overlap on these maps, so it’s good to review all of them for the latest information.

One of the best interactive maps available right now is Inciweb’s map. You can see the full map here. There’s an embeddable Google Map that includes Inciweb fires which you can see below. Depending on your browser, you may need to zoom in using the + button within the map or change settings to only show Inciweb fires:

Another good map can be found here from A screenshot is below since the map can’t be embedded, but you’ll want to go to the full map for details. You can input your address to see how close the fires are to your location.

Note that newer fires may not be listed on the above maps until they’ve been around for a few hours.

A new interactive fire map is below, provided by Note that this map is only updated up to twice daily, so it may not be not as current as the two interactive maps above.

Next are more specific details on the fires for October 9, 2019. If you are looking for a specific fire, search for the name so you can find it faster, or just scroll down and look at the fires, listed in alphabetical order.

List of Active Fires in California on October 9, 2019

Here are the active fires and updates about them. Most of these are in alphabetical order.

American Fire

This fire started on October 6 at 11:30 a.m. It’s in Napa County and is 526 acres and 100 percent contained.

Bautista Fire

This fire is 167 acres and 100 percent contained as of October 8, according to Inciweb. The cause is under investigation. It was within the South Fork Wilderness.

Briceburg Fire

This is the biggest fire in the region right now. It started on October 6 and has grown quickly. It’s now 4,400 acres and 10 percent contained. The fire is in Mariposa County. The following interactive map is provided by

Open this map full screen.

Yosemite National Park is currently open, according to

Mandatory Evacuations: 

  • According to, mandatory evacuations include addresses on Highway 140 between Octagon Road and Colorado Road, Bug Hostel. All of Buffalo Gulch Road and Briceburg Campground are under a mandatory evacuation.

Evacuation Advisories: The following are under advisories but not mandatory orders, according to as of 2:30 p.m. Pacific:

  • Colorado Road from Highway140 to Davis Road
  • All of Davis Road
  • Highway 140 from Colorado Road to Midpines Market
  • Ponderosa Way including all side roads: Deer Park, Leichtlin Lane, Feliciana Mountain Road
  • Rancheria Creek Road
  • Rumley Mine Road

Evacuation Centers:

  • New Life Christian Fellowship, 5089 Cole Road, Mariposa, CA 95338
  • Small Animal Shelter: SPCA of Mariposa County 5599 CA-49, Mariposa, CA 95338
  • Large Animal Shelter: Contact Mariposa Animal Control, (209)966-3615

A road closure is in place for Highway 140 from Colorado Road to Savages Trading Post.

Here’s a time lapse of the fire:

Broder Fire

Broder Fire

InciwebBroder Fire

This fire is 381 acres in size and 100 percent contained as of October 9. It was started by lightning on August 8. It’s northeast of Broder Meadow. Inciweb noted: “What heat remain is located deep within the perimeter of the fire and will continue to produce smoke for the time being.”

Caples Prescribed Fire

Prescribed burns are purposefully set to help decrease the possibility of unexpected, damaging fires in the future. This one is in the northern ridge region above Caples Creek north of Highway 88.

Cattle Fire

This fire is 92 acres and 100 percent contained as of October 9, according to Inciweb. It’s located in the “Kern River Ranger District SQF. 1 mile east (up river) from the Powerhouse (Bakersfield end)on Hwy. 178 between Bakersfield and Lake Isabella.”

Corning Fire

This fire began on October 9 around 8:31 a.m. Pacific. It’s in Tehama County and is 75 acres in size. The fire is already 80 percent contained, according to The fire’s location is in yellow in the map above.

Cow Fire


This fire is 1,975 acres in size and 30 percent contained, Inciweb noted on September 10, which is the last update provided. It was started by lightning on July 25. The map below is the last map released by Inciweb for the fire.


The fire’s burning in the Golden Trout Wilderness on Inyo National Forest. The fire’s being successfully confined and suppressed. Inciweb released its final official update on the fire on September 7, although it’s still listed as active on’s website.  They wrote:

The 1,975-acre Cow Fire remains 30 percent contained. Minimal smoke may be visible from the Cow Fire until the area receives significant rainfall. Firefighters will continue to monitor the fire to ensure it stays within control lines. Containment will steadily increase as crews further secure control lines by identifying and extinguishing sources of heat along the fire perimeter.

The ecosystem within the Cow Fire footprint will benefit from the low-intensity fire effects observed on the landscape. Lightning-caused wildfires have a natural role to play in Eastern Sierra forest ecosystems…

The public is encouraged to avoid the fire area. Post-fire hazardous such as fire weakened trees and burning stump holes may be present.”

September 7 was the final Inciweb update for the fire due to good suppression efforts.

Cross Fire

This fire started on October 9 around 6:52 a.m. It’s in Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties and is 289 acres and 30 percent contained, according to The fire is in yellow in the map above.

The fire is located on Indian Valley Road and Monterey County Line, near Camp Robert’s.

Evans Creek Fire

This fire is 25 acres and now 100 percent contained as of September 27, though it’s still listed as active on Inciweb’s map. It’s southwest of Reno, Nevada.

Fork Fire


This fire started on September 8 in the early evening, caused by lightning. It’s at Middle Fork Parker Creek, in South Warner Wilderness. The fire is currently 39 acres in size as of September 15, which is the last Inciweb update. The map above is the most recent map for the fire.

Inciweb noted: “The Fork Fire in the South Warner Wilderness is a full suppression fire being managed using tactics that will have a low impact and maintain wilderness character. The fire has burned 39 acres of primarily dead and downed fuels. Fire activity has been minimal as the fire slowly consumes surface fuels.”

Klamath NF Fall RX Burning

These are prescribed burns in the Klamath National Forest area to cut down on damage from unplanned fires.

Little Fire

This fire started on October 8 in Alameda County. It’s 12 acres in size and is now 100 percent contained.


Lowe Fire

This fire is 120 acres and 100 percent contained as of September 25, according to Inciweb. It’s still listed on Inciweb’s map. It was near Loma Alta and Chaney Trails.

Middle Fire


The Middle Fire is 1,339 acres as of October 6 and now listed as 100 percent contained according to Inciweb. It was located one mile east of Canyon Creek Trailhead and was caused by lightning. It started on September 5 and is in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. “Please be aware that the forest’s Middle Fire Closure Order remains in effect until the fire is declared out.”

Ranch Fire

This fire is listed on as having started on October 1 in Sal Luis Obispo. It’s off Pozo Road and Avanales Ranch Road, southeast of Pozo. No further details were provided.

Schaeffer Fire

This fire is 297 acres and 100 percent contained as of October 9. It was caused by lightning and located southwest of Coral Meadow on the Kern Plateau, according to Inciweb. It was within the old 2002 McNally Fire perimeter.

Shasta-Trinity Prescribed Fires

These are prescribed fires in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest area used to mitigate damage from unplanned fires in the future.

Sherman Prescribed Burn

Prescribed burns are purposefully set to help decrease the possibility of unexpected, damaging fires in the future. These are in the Giant Forest area of Sequoia National Park.

South Fire

South Fire

The South Fire started in Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Tehama County. As of October 9, the fire is now 5,332 acres in size and 62 percent contained, according to Inciweb. The fire is 15 miles south of Platina, California. The map above is the most recent map for the fire.

Inciweb notes: “The South Fire is in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, southeast of Tomhead Mountain, west of Red Bluff, and 15 miles south of Platina, CA. The fire is in a remote and very rugged area of the forest. The western portion of the South Fire, within the Yolla Bolly Wilderness, continues to be confined south of Humbolt Ridge; east of Sanford Ridge; and north of Cottonwood Creek. The eastern portion of the fire has completed containment line. HUNTER AND VISITOR INFORMATION ADVISORY: The Shasta-Trinity National Forest has issued a new Forest Closure Order No: 14-19-07. See the closures and maps tab for closure area information or go to: PDF of South Fire Closure Order 14-19-07.”

Springs Fire

This fire is now 4,840 acres and 100 percent contained according to Inciweb on October 7, the last update. It was caused by lightning. It’s located 13 miles southeast of Lee Vining.

Taboose Fire

InciwebFire map from September 24, the most recent map

This fire is 10,296 acres and 75 percent contained as of October 7, the most recent update on Inciweb. It’s southwest of Big Pine and northwest of Aberdeen. It was caused by lightning.

Inciweb noted: “The Taboose Fire has shown some interior smoke in the past several days along the western flank, where warming and drying of unburned fuels has allowed fire activity to increase. Currently, there are a few acres of active fire at high elevation, confined by rocks and burned areas. However, on the northern side of the active fire, there is an area of unburned fuels that the fire could grow into. With wind predicted on Tuesday, it is anticipated that the fire will remain active in this area…

Visitors and residents will see smoke, especially along the Hwy. 395 corridor. Please do not report the smoke. Currently, the south, east, and north flanks are secure and there is no threat to life or property.Gusty wind and low relative humidity are in the forecast for this week and fire crews will continue to monitor and patrol in areas where the fire is active.”

Walker Fire


This fire was first reported on September 4 and the cause isn’t known. On October 7, according to Inciweb, the fire is now 54,608 acres and 100 percent contained. It’s located east of Genesee near Indian Creek and Beckworth Genesee Road.

If you’re in Plumas County, you can sign up for emergency notices here. Or call 530-616-8625 for updates.

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