PG&E Website Down: Alternative for Power Shutoff & Outage Maps


A public safety power shutoff is happening today that will last up to several days or longer in the southern California region. The shutoff are happening during Red Flag Warning times to decrease fire risks. Residents are trying to check the latest updates on the outages by looking at PG&E’s power shutoff maps. Unfortunately, the PG&E website is not always loading correctly. So some people have created alternative options if you go to check and the site isn’t working correctly for you.

An Alternative Map Was Created on ArcGIS

One alternative map to truck power outages, planned shutoff areas, and power outage incidents, is found on ARCGIS here. The map is below. It was shared on Reddit originally by u/CPhTonReddit, who said they found the map while looking at updates. The map was created by Solano County, but also appears to have other areas included.

The only issue with this map is that sometimes it requires a login to view. So if the embedded map above is showing a login requirement, that’s actually an easy and free fix. You can sign up for a free 21-day account, which should cover you during the outage to keep viewing the map above. Go to this link to sign up for an ArcGIS online free trial. Once you submit your information, you’ll be asked to click a link sent to your email, and then you’ll be asked to create a username and password. After that, you can go back to the map above and sign in and view the map whenever you want during your 21-day free trial.

Here is a screenshot of what the map looks like as of 11:39 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday.


You can zoom into different parts of the map for more details.

An alternative Bay Area outage map is provided by the San Francisco Chronicle here.

If you want to check your address specifically, one resident developer created their own MyAddress check here in case PG&E’s is down.

PG&E’s Twitter Account Is a Good Alternative

Another good alternative when PG&E’s website is down is the PG&E Twitter account here. They are frequently posting updates for concerned residents. The first phase of the shutdown, involving 500,000 residents, was completed. If you still have power in the counties listed below then you will not be affected by the shutdown.

Other locations are still slated to lose power during the next phases. Alameda County, for example, will be losing power around noon on Wednesday.

Planned Shutoff Map

Although this next map is not being updated to show shutoffs as they happen, it does reveal which areas are planned to be included in the shutoff. The following mapshared by SFGate, shows the customers who are expected to be affected by the PG&E Power shut off. The blue areas show where planned outages are expected on Wednesday, October 9.

PG&E’s Official Maps

Once the power outages are underway, the official PG&E map with current outages is here. And PSPS updates will be posted here.

The most current information about the power outage will be updated hereJust remember, this will go down periodically so you may need to recheck in a few minutes if it doesn’t work for you. You may also need to wait a few minutes for the page to load. The webpages from PG&E are loading much slower than you might expect.

To stay updated on shutoffs in your area, call 1-866-743-6589 or fill out an online form here. You can get power shutoff alerts here. You can also get text updates by texting ENROLL to 976-33. Or enroll in ZIP code alerts by calling 1-877-9000-PGE.

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