Brother Nature Catches Deadly Malaria Parasite

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Brother Nature, who’s real name is Kevin Peña, revealed on social media that he’s caught Malaria Falciparum, one of the deadliest species of Plasmodium that causes malaria in humans.

Originally from New York, the 21-year-old influencer who rose to fame in 2016 after he posting a Vine video called “Money and the deer squad,” and introduced his deer squad: Canela, Bambi, Money and Lola,, went on to create the “Brother Nature” brand, and is known for traveling the world, and interacting with all sorts of animals.

Now, Brother Nature needs to take it easy for a few days. Posting a photo on Instagram to his 2.7 million followers and on Twitter, where he has 2.4 million fans, he wrote:

“Just wanted keep you guys posted on why I haven’t really been active lately. So about 10 days ago I got a fever and didn’t think much of it. Then as days went on it started to raise, I started getting chills and couldn’t control my sleep, I slept for days on end then began to vomit a lot + diarrhea . I thought I only had the Flu, but things ended up getting so bad I ended up getting checked into the hospital and found out I had Malaria Falciparum, the deadliest Malaria (parasite) there is. You get the parasite from mosquitoes and they inject parasites into your blood. I’ve been treated and am getting better, but the process has been hell and has opened my eyes to how important health is. So, that being said, I’m gonna slow down a bit on life til I’m all the way healthy.”

What Is Malaria Falciparum?

In general, malaria is a curable disease, but plasmodium falciparum, its scientific name, is a unicellular protozoan parasite of humans, the deadliest species of Plasmodium that causes malaria in humans.

According to, “Falciparum malaria is associated with high levels of parasites in the blood and has the highest death rate and rate of complications of all types of malaria. Red blood cells that are infected with the parasite tend to sludge and lead to microinfarctions (tiny areas of dead tissue due to lack of oxygen) in capillaries in the brain, liver, adrenal gland, intestinal tract, kidneys, lungs, and other organs. Patients should be treated in a hospital setting, using intravenous medications.”

Fans & Friends Won’t Stand For Nature Tryin to Take Away Brother Nature

Based on Brother Nature’s post, it sounds like he’s taking all the right steps and precautions to getting the parasite out of his system, and all of his social media profiles have received an outpouring of love and support from his fellow friends and followers.

On Instagram, Hayes Grier commented, “Heads up bro,” while DJ Diddy wrote, “Get better king, and Roy Purdy shared, “sheesh, glad u okay bro.”

On Twitter, “Brother Nature” was a top trending topic with all his followers leaving him get better messages, including Faze Apex, Paper Magazine, Blaze, and Brittany Broski.

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