Kurt Volker’s Politics: Is He a Republican or Democrat?

Kurt Volker served as the Special Envoy to Ukraine.

Getty Kurt Volker served as the Special Envoy to Ukraine.

Kurt Volker has been a part of both private and public sector work during his career. His name remained largely unknown among the general public until a whistleblower complaint mentioned his involvement. Under his most recent government title of Special Envoy to Ukraine, Volker’s possible role in the alleged scandal as well as his changing testimony have become a hot topic for politicians. Among the various criticisms have been his political affiliations or loyalty to those who appointed him to a key post.

Volker’s Politics Point to One Political Party and Affiliation

Volker has been listed as a Republican when mentions of his political affiliations have come up during various events. More than just a registration or selected candidate support, his work leans heavily towards GOP Presidents as well as their policies. It would assure him a place among several administrations.

Before spending time in service to Presidents, Volker would spend time working with a candidate for that position. He was a part of John McCain staff’s on Capital Hill before moving on to other work. Of course, McCain’s run for President would be years away, but it helped to establish a relationship that led to an important job later in his life. Before coming to McCain’s staff, he also worked in the CIA as an analyst.

The George Washington University and Temple University graduate focused on a career involving political appointments to NATO during the late ’90s and early 2000s. It would eventually give George W. Bush a full resume and list of acheivement to look at as he considered putting him into a more central role. In the early to mid 2000s, Bush oversaw his appointment to the National Security Council. It was prestigious positions that gave him the chance to arrange US presence at various world events. Bush then set Volker as Ambassador to NATO from 2008 until 2009. It was a short tenure as Barack Obama’s Presidency began in 2009.

Volker Brought His Political Affiliations and Connections to the Private Sector

For years after his time in government work, Volker shied away from political work. Instead, he focused on jobs with Wall Street over positions on Capitol Hill. Longstanding ties to John McCain once again proved to be important for Volker as he took a job at The McCain Institute.

As questions began to swirl around his time as Special Envoy, his role as Executive Director for the Institute was called into questions. Rumors of his release, possible firing, or retirement were met with constant denials by those involved. As those issues plagued the McCain Institute, Volker gave his first statements on the matter to Congress. “Moreover, as I was aware of public accusations about the Vice President, several times I cautioned the Ukrainians to distinguish between highlighting their own efforts to fight corruption domestically, including investigating Ukrainian individuals (something we support as a matter of U.S. policy), and doing anything that could be seen as impacting U.S. elections (which is in neither the United States’ nor Ukraine’s own interests),” He said during the initial testimony.

Cindi McCain, the Senator’s widow, would have the last say on his time with the Institute. “Kurt is a good man. A good man. But this was overshadowing the Institute and it was overshadowing what we do and what we work for. So it was time. Kurt needs to concentrate on what’s going on now. He’s a good man. I’m sorry all this happened, I really am. But my first goal is to look out for the institute,” she told David Axelrod during a CNN series. Under the weight of growing pressure, he decided to end his tenure with the organization. He would resign from The McCain Institute in 2019 and has no further contact or work assignments for the organization since then.

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