Trump’s Hershey, Pennsylvania Rally: See Crowd Size & Overflow Photos

Crowd at Trump's Pennsylvania rally

Getty Crowd at Trump's Pennsylvania rally

President Donald Trump hosted a rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, December 10, 2019 for his 2020 campaign. The venue, which holds about 10,500, was packed but did have some empty seats for his first rally since the articles of impeachment were revealed by House Democrats. Some empty seats were seen in crowd photos, while other videos showed thousands watching in an overflow space outside. Read on to learn more and see crowd photos and videos from the December 10 rally.

While There Were Some Empty Seats in the Packed 10,000-Seat Arena, Many Supporters Were Also Outside in the Overflow Area


The rally started at 7 p.m. Eastern on December 10 at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Giant Center has a capacity of 10,500. Thousands were at the rally, but every seat did not appear to be filled according to photos and videos of the event. There was also a large overflow crowd outside. This video below shows a protester being led out about an hour before Trump spoke, and you can see quite a few empty seats.

Another protester was seen later while Trump was speaking.

However, York Daily Record reported that most of the seats in the arena were full.

This next photo, shared about an hour before Trump started speaking, also shows thousands packing the rally, with some empty seats in the venue too. Still, it was a large turnout in Pennsylvania.

What’s not clear, however, is if some of the seats were blocked off purposefully, such as the row of empty seats near where the protester was escorted out. This video below shows some empty seats in the venue, but it’s not clear how far ahead of Trump’s speech the video was taken. If the timestamp matches when it was taken, then it was just a few minutes before the rally officially started.

Here’s another crowd photo.

Thousands Packed an Overflow Space Outside

The video below shows thousands standing outside watching the rally on a big screen. It looks like the overflow crowd for this rally was significantly large. The video below was shared by a Trump supporter named “Jewish Deplorable,” which is a take on a term Hillary Clinton used in 2016 when she referred to some Trump supporters as “deplorables.”

Here’s another look at the overflow crowd from the same person:

Despite the cold and rainy weather, many stood outside to watch the rally on the large screen.

Before Trump took the stage, Vice President Mike Pence spoke, declaring Trump to be the “most pro-life President” in the history of the country.


Trump talked about keeping manufacturing jobs and a positive jobs report with low unemployment numbers nationwide. He quickly addressed the articles of impeachment.

At one point Trump asked the crowd if anyone thought the media was honest and the crowd yelled, “No!” Trump later referred to the impeachment as “pathetic.”

Anticipating being mentioned in Trump’s rally, Joe Biden released a statement before the rally started, WGAL8 reported. He said Trump would bash him at the rally, but this is about working families and the middle class, not “about me.”


During the rally, Trump said: “This is the lightest, weakest impeachment.”

People Lined Up Hours Early for the Rally

People started lining up as early as this morning for a rally that wasn’t starting until 7 p.m., ABC 27 reported. By noon, several hours before doors were opening, hundreds were already lined up.

Alex Peterson of ABC 27 said that people stood in the rain for hours and even came from out of state to attend.

Trump has another rally coming up soon. On Wednesday, December 18, he will be hosting a rally in Battlecreek, Michigan at 7 p.m. Eastern. This rally will be at the Kellogg Arena on 1 McCamly Square. Seats are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

This story will be updated later in the evening when more crowd photos are available.

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