WATCH: Brother Nature Beaten Up in Miami Parking Lot

Brother Nature Beaten Up Miami

Twitter Brother Nature poses for a photo on Twitter (L), Brother Nature being assaulted on Thursday night (R).

Popular internet personality Brother Nature just can’t seem to catch a break. He caught Malaria in November and now has been captured on video getting assaulted at the Miami restaurant La Sandwicherie. The video was posted to Twitter on Friday morning and quickly went viral.

In the video, you can see the popular content creator on the ground as an unidentified man in black pants and a black shirt stands over top of him, punching and kicking him repeatedly in the head.

“Let them go!” a member from the crowd shouts as the patrons watch on in horror. Nobody came to break up the violence or help Brother Nature. The man eventually walks away and Brother Nature gets up, visibly woozy from the assault he just endured.

The man who attacked Brother Nature posted a video before the assault that shows the social media star arguing with employees at the pizza restaurant. Allegedly, Brother Nature was upset that a server hadn’t come to his table to take his order. He walks to the counter when a man off-camera says he needs to order first, then sit down. “Don’t nobody know you, bruh.” Says the man holding the camera.

The assailant, who goes by “Phat Dabb” on Twitter, posted a tweet that has since been deleted that read “I just beat the dog s*** outta brother nature in la Sandwicherie.”

According to tweets between Phat Dabb and a man named “Moe” on Twitter, Brother Nature instigated the fight by antagonizing the men inside the pizza shop. Allegedly, he confronted the staff and was asked to leave by the manager. When he left the restaurant, he challenged Phat Dabb to a fight.

New footage emerged on Sunday from the restaurant security cameras that tells the full story. Brother Nature is seen arguing with the men inside the restaurant and tries to take their phones when he realizes they’re recording him. He is clearly the aggressor to begin with as he antagonizes the men and invites them outside to fight.

The video of the assault below picks up after the security cameras cut off. WARNING: Video contains violent content.

The two men fought outside and the dispute was thought to be over when Brother Nature comes back inside and sucked punches one of the men in the back of the head. The man’s friends see this and come to his defense. The group starts punching and kicking Brother Nature until it’s broken up.

Miami Police spokeswoman Kiara Delva told the Miami Herald that officers were called out to the shop at about 5:45 a.m. Saturday “regarding a call of a big fight.”

When police arrived at La Sandwicherie, the suspects and Brother Nature were gone. Police declined to release more information.

Brother Nature responded to the alleged assault on Twitter and said that he was assaulted in front of several witnesses who refused to help. “I know there’s a video out of me getting jumped, everyone in the pizza shop literally just watched, with their phones out, and did nothing. Oh well ??‍♂️”

He also posted a video to his Instagram story seeming to reference the attack which shows him smiling, shirtless with a pack of ice on his face, hanging out at home.

His Attackers Were Seen Partying With Him Before the Assault and Say He Was Being “Disrespectful”

One user on Twitter, @Ale_VouZan, who posted the original fight video did some internet sleuthing and found the group of people claiming responsibility for the attack.

The Twitter user who goes by “Moe” tweeted “We got Brother Nature with us in the VIP at Booby we lit !!” He then posted a photo of Brother Nature in the local Miami club. He was apparently part of the group that included “Phat Dabb” at the pizza restaurant as he retweeted the fight video afterward and said “This nigga dabs beat up brother nature ???”.

“Moe” has since deleted the video and his retweets of the attack but has continued to respond to critics on social media.

In a separate tweet, he claimed that Brother Nature was being disrespectful at the pizza shop. “How you go to Sandwicherie act disrespectful with everyone and then get beat up 1 on 1 and then wanna play victim …”

Moe also retweeted another user that was allegedly there who claims “my dawg whooped you one on one after YOU said you wanted to fight him and made threats to kill him in front of 20+ people then you tried to sucker punch my other dog and got whooped again. Don’t play victim.”

The security footage couples with the original video show that despite his initial claims, Brother Nature was the one who started and continued the fight. has reached out to Brother Nature’s camp for comment but have not received a response.

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