WATCH: InfoWars Owen Shroyer Interrupts Impeachment Hearing

Pro-Trump Protestor Video

InfoWars Owen Shroyer protests the impeachment hearings on December 9, 2019.

The House Judiciary committee’s second impeachment hearing got off to an interesting start when a conservative protestor interrupted Chairman Jerry Nadler.

The protested, who has been identified as Owen Shroyer, host of “War Room” on the right-wing network InfoWars, began yelling as Nadler made his opening statements. “The members of the democratic party are committing treason!” The man yelled, “You can kick me out but you’re the ones committing treason! America’s done with this! America is sick of the treason committed by the Democratic party!

Senator Nadler bangs his gavel and tries to regain order as Capitol Police escort the man out. He continues yelling until he’s removed from the room, “I’m not going to sit here and watch you run an impeachment scam to remove our vote. We voted for Donald Trump! Americans are sick of the democratic treason! Trump is innocent”

The crowd laughs and murmurs amongst each other as the disruptive man is finally removed. Even Nadler himself can’t help but smile and softly shake his head as the man leaves the room.

“The committee will come to order. Obviously, I shouldn’t have to remind everybody present that the audiences is here to observe but not to demonstrate, not to indicate agreement or disagreement with any witness or with any member of the committee. The audience is here to observe only, and we will maintain decorum in the hearing room.” He said following the unexpected outburst.

InfoWars host Owen Shroyer posted the video on his Twitter account with the caption “Owen Shroyer confronts Jerry Nadler and treasonous Democrats at scam impeachment hearing.” Shroyer hosts the show “War Room’ on the Infowars network with founder Alex Jones.

The “protest” looks to be more of a publicity stunt for the site rather than a genuine outburst.

InfoWars posted the video they took from the incident on the InfoWars network which shows the outburst as soon as it starts and follows Shroyer as he is removed.

Below is the official video from ABC:

This is another angle of Shroyer being removed.

Here is a third angle showing Shroyer yelling as he is escorted out.

Shroyer was removed from the premises but not arrested for his actions.

Shroyer is Known for Antagonizing Protestors and Stirring Up Controversy

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Owen Shroyer is an InfoWars reporter and host known for confronting people on the street that disagree with his point of view. Shroyer attends left-wing protests, climate change protests, and LGBT rallies in order to argue with attendees.

Similar to Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Shroyer is featured in YouTube videos with titles like “Owen Shroyer Destrorys SJW on Immigration” that are compilations of clips arguing with democrat supporters and people that disagree with him.

He regularly collaborates with InfoWars owner Alex Jones and other influential Conservative voices including Steven Crowder. This incident is the latest in a long line of provocative outbursts from Shroyer.

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