In Leaked Video, Trump Says Sanders Was Only VP He Didn’t Want Clinton To Pick

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In a secret video, President Donald Trump talked about how Bernie Sanders was the only VP that he didn’t want Hillary Clinton to pick, because the election would have been much tougher with Sanders on the ticket. The video is included below.

On January 25, 2020, Mother Jones released a full video of President Donald Trump talking to his associates about the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanavitch. The discussion, in April 2018, was released by one of Lev Parnas’ attorneys for Parnas, who was at the dinner, Mother Jones reported. The full video is more than an hour long, and while everyone is talking about Trump’s comments about Yovanavitch, there’s an interesting discussion about 55 minutes in where Trump talks about Bernie Sanders. He says that he would have a much tougher time beating Hillary Clinton if she had picked Sanders as her vice presidential candidate. Then some people in the group talk about how they hope Joe Biden might run this time and laugh. Read on for more details and to see the video.

Trump Says He Would Have Had a Tougher Time Beating Clinton if Sanders Was the VP

Trump talks almost admiringly at some points about Bernie Sanders, admitting that he believes he would have faced a much tougher election if Hillary Clinton had picked Sanders as her VP. You can start listening at 54:00 in the video below, although Trump’s part starts closer to 55:00 in. The video is timed to a little bit earlier than that, so just skip ahead to the relevant section.

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The associates with Trump first talk about how they believe the DNC was rigged and how Sanders could have beat Clinton. Trump then goes on to talk about how some people switched from Sanders to him because of their stances on trade.

You can then hear Trump saying “…Bernie as Vice President it would have been tougher… But I think Bernie, because all of those people that hated her so much, who voted for me, you know I got 20% of Bernie votes … because of trade. Because he’s a big trade guy… He basically says we’re getting screwed on trade and he’s right. I’m worse than he is… But we can do something about it… I don’t know, he could have, I don’t know.”

Then he goes back to address Clinton and Sanders again and mentions at the end that maybe she would have lost some votes from the establishment Democrats if she had picked Sanders.

“If she had picked Bernie Sanders, it would have been tougher. He was the only one I didn’t want her to pick. … Now then you say, people say, ‘no it would have been easier because then, her sort of establishment normal Democrats would have come to me.’ … She may have lost a lot of votes too.”

Then some of Trump’s associates talked about how Sanders should have gone crazy, presumably after what happened with the DNC. Trump says: “It is funny how he [Bernie] has not gone crazy.” The quote is especially interesting, since on Twitter Trump likes to refer to Sanders as “Crazy Bernie” quite a bit.

Then a lot of people talk at once for a bit. Then Trump and his associates talk about whether or not Sanders will run again, and Trump concludes that he probably will because he does a lot of television appearances.

“I think he might. Because he is doing a lot of television. Usually when they are doing a lot of television…”

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After that, the group talked about whether Biden would run. Some said they hoped he would and laughed. It’s not clear from the recording, since numerous people were talking at once, if Trump was one of the ones laughing about the idea of Biden running or if that just came from his associates.

The full video with the comments was just released today. PBS reported that the video was from a dinner on April 30, 2018. Parnas’ lawyer, Joseph Bondy, told PBS that Parnas was at the dinner along with other associates of Trump. Bondy said he released the full video so the public could better understand the scope of the conversation regarding Yovanavitch, PBS reported. PBS said that Parnas had noted the video was sent to him by Igor Fruman and was taken during the dinner. The video was also given to congressional investigators.

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