DeMarcus Little: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

DeMarcus Little

Peach Valley Sheriff\'s Office

Anitra Gunn, a 23-year-old who had been missing since Valentine’s Day, was found dead on February 18, 2020. Although an official identification has not yet been made, the Peach County Sheriff’s Office said in a press conference that they believed they found Anitra Gunn’s body. DeMarcus Little was arrested on February 18 and charged with damaging Gunn’s car, but he was not charged with anything related to Gunn’s death. Police have said he’s a person of interest but not a suspect, and the investigation into Gunn’s death is ongoing. Here’s what we know so far.

1. DeMarcus Little Was Arrested for a February 5 Incident Where Anitra’s Gunn’s Tires Were Slashed

The Fort Valley Department of Public Safety announced on February 18 that DeMarcus Little was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property, related to Gunn’s tires’ being slashed and her apartment windows being smashed. The incident happened about nine days before her disappearance. Little is 23, the same age as Gunn.

The FVDPS wrote: “He is charged with Criminal Damage to property. These offenses occurred on 02052020 inside the city limits of Fort Valley and Anitra Gunn was the victim. In this incident the windows were smashed at her apartment and tires were slashed on her vehicle. More charges may be forthcoming. The Police Department was assisted by the Peach County Sheriff’s Department and the GBI.”

Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese said Little was Gunn’s boyfriend, WGXA reported. He was arrested for property damage shortly after officials announced that they believed they had found Gunn’s body, although they were still waiting on an official identification.

Little was not charged in connection with Gunn’s death or disappearance.

The FVDPS said that Gunn’s death is still being investigated.

2. Gunn’s Body Was Found Near Her Missing Car Bumper, Partially Buried

Peach County Sheriff's Office

Peach County Sheriff’s Office

Anitra Gunn’s body was found near the piece of her car bumper that was missing and that police have been looking for, Deese said in a press conference. The sheriff said that the GBI crime lab would be confirming the body is Gunn’s, but they are confident in the results. The photo above shows Gunn’s car when it was found in a neighbor’s yard with the bumper missing.

Deese said that they found the body based on a deputy’s search and not on any tips.

In a press conference on February 18, Deese revealed that Gunn’s body was found in Crawford County, near the Peach-Crawford county line, WMAZ reported.

Deese said the search was narrowed based on sticks and bushes found in the grill of her car. Her body was found “as if someone tried to hide it” near Greer road, along with a piece of her car, WMAZ reported.

On Saturday afternoon, February 15, police found Gunn’s car on Belle Street in a neighbor’s yard with the front bumper damaged, 13 WMAZ reported. This was near her apartment where she lived. Her front bumper was missing and Sheriff Deese said that whoever has that bumper may know where Gunn is.

Her father said her wallet was found inside her car.

Neighbors told 13 WMAZ that the car was crashed, close to where she lived, and police had taped off the scene. Neighbors said lip gloss and a key ring might have been found nearby, but police have not confirmed this.

3. Little Is a Person of Interest But Has Not Been Named a Suspect in Gunn’s Disappearance

The sheriff said on February 18, after Gunn’s body was found, that they were interviewing the boyfriend for a third time and that Gunn’s investigation was still a death investigation and not a homicide investigation. He said they didn’t touch the body, so they can’t say if there were any signs of foul play. The body was partially covered, and they backed off when they found her so that crime scene experts could take over.

He said the boyfriend was a person of interest, but not a suspect. “We’re not saying it’s a homicide,” he said during the press conference. “But I mean, the car shows up in Fort Valley, it didn’t get there by itself.”

Watch the full interview below.

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A couple days after Gunn went missing, her cousin posted a message to WTVM on Facebook. Anthony Beatty wrote: “Please if anyone has any information or has seen my lil’ cousin.. Please contact me or the Fort Valley police ga. She was last seen with this guy DeMarcus Little.”


Little has been charged with property damage, but has not been charged in relation to Gunn’s disappearance or death. The property damage charges stem from an incident about nine days before Gunn went missing.

4. Gunn May Have Been at Waffle House with Her Boyfriend Around 2 AM on Valentine’s


Anitra Gunn was last seen on Valentine’s Day at around 11:30 a.m., 13 WMAZ reported. Fort Valley Department of Public Safety said she was last seen in the area of Chestnut Hills Road, just outside Fort Valley.

This video by 13 WMAZ, however, makes the timeline a little more confusing. In the video, Deese says she was last seen around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday at her boyfriend’s aunt’s house, and she was there with her boyfriend.

“Right now everybody that knew her is a person of interest,” the sheriff said in the video interview.

In a later story by WGXA, Deese said that Gunn was last seen at her boyfriend’s home at 3 a.m. on Friday after they were at a Waffle House in Byron at 2 a.m.

Her dad, Christopher Gunn, said he called her the morning of Friday, February 14, and wished her a happy Valentine’s Day. Her brother tried calling her later and she didn’t answer.

Anitra’s dad said that it was very unusual to not hear from his daughter, Fox 24 reported. He said family members are “always talking to her, always checking on her.”

5. Gunn Was a Full-Time Student & a Choir Member


Gunn was a full-time student at Fort Valley State University.

In a statement, Fort Valley State University said: “Fort Valley State University is deeply concerned about the well-being of our student Anitra Gunn, and we are praying for her safe return. FVSU is working closely with the Fort Valley Police Department, which is investigating Anitra’s disappearance. Anitra is enrolled as a full-time student at FVSU as a senior agriculture major. Campus officials have been in touch with Anitra’s family to offer our support for Anitra’s safe return.”

According to Facebook posts, Anitra was also a member of the Fort Valley State University Choir. She was beloved by her friends and family.