Jaden Davis Found: ‘The Kitchenista’ Chef Locates 16-Year-Old Son

Angela Davis/Instagram Jaden Davis and Angela Davis

Jaden Davis, the 16-year-old son of popular food blogger and chef Angela Davis has been reported as missing. He was last seen on Saturday morning on Piccadilly and Canterbury Road near 8 Mile Road in Detroit

Davis notes that her son is 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. Jaden, a student at Jaden Rose Leadership Academy, has dark brown eyes and hair. Davis also mentioned that he has a dragonfly tattoo on the forearm and a clock/rose tattoo on his upper arm. Jaden was wearing a blue hoodie and black pants the last time she saw him on February 22.

Thankfully, on Wednesday, Davis updated her social media to announce that Jaden had been located. She took down the missing posters and shared on Instagram, “Prayers answered. Thank you so much to everybody who cared enough to help my family over the last few days. He is safe, and we are working on next steps to get him the help he needs.”

The blogger and self-taught chef, known under the moniker, “The Kitchenista,” also has a daughter Raven, 3, and is seeking assistance in helping find her son online. She’s put out notices of his missing report on Instagram and Twitter.

To help spread the word, Davis’ friend Chrissy Teigen retweeted Jaden’s missing child’s report. The model tweeted out to her 12 million followers, “Please help my friend Angela find her son.”

Davis, 35, previously asked fans for any help possible in finding her son. She wrote on Instagram, where she has 77.4K followers:

“Any info is helpful for his safe return. You can message me directly or contact Detroit Police at 313-596-1240. I recently changed my personal cell #, if you have it feel free to reach out or contact me on social. Jaden did not have his phone on him. I’m sorry that I can’t reply to everyone just trying to prioritize tips coming in. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and help.”

The mother of two pleaded on Twitter, “Please. We are new to the city and this is the most unimaginable thing. Jaden was last seen in Detroit since Sat morning, there is no activity on his social and he did not have his phone. I have reason to be concerned about his mental health.”

Angela Davis Started Sharing Concern On Twitter That Jaden Was Missing On Sunday

On Sunday morning, Davis tweeted, “I’m dealing with a family crisis and would appreciate your prayers. Work is obviously not my priority, so other than previously scheduled content I am not really “here.” Thank you in advance for your kindness and respect for my privacy at this time.”

For those wondering why Davis is attempting to spread the word via social media, she tweeted on Monday, “The Detroit Police have not been helpful. This is so frustrating.”

Davis shared on Twitter, where she has over 122K followers, “I feel so helpless right now. Didn’t want to resort to this on social. It’s overwhelming. This is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on any parent… just want my kid home.”

The chef also noted that she would be unable to keep up with her normal routine and work until Jaden is found. Davis tweeted, “I have content I was already contracted to post today. Please don’t judge me, I can’t afford not to work on top of this going on. Losing my mind. Idk how to handle this.”

Davis also thanked everyone for the tips she’s received thus far. “Please continue to do whatever you can. No need to ask, get the flier out wherever you can think to send it. I’m working with the Missing Child org but there is a lot of confusion at the police dept about what they actually did so far. Someone is helping me navigate that.”

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