How Many Attended Trump’s New Hampshire Rally? Crowd Size & Overflow Photos

Trump New Hampshire Rally


President Donald Trump visited Manchester, New Hampshire for a rally Monday night, February 10, 2020. The rally was part of his 2020 campaign and took place the night before the next big Democratic primary in New Hampshire. It was his first rally since he was acquitted by the Senate at the end of the impeachment trial. The venue itself was packed with about 12,000 people, and many more also watched on a large screen outside. Read on to learn more and see crowd and overflow photos and videos from the rally.

The Rally Had a Capacity Crowd of About 12,000, Not Including the People Outside

The rally was at the SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire and it started at 7 p.m. Eastern.  The maximum capacity for the SNHU Arena is 11,770 for concerts and 11,140 for basketball events.  He previously had a rally at the same venue in August 2019.

According to WMUR 9, a crowd of 12,000 packed into the SNHU Arena, but many more were also outside in an overflow area.

Photos show a massive crowd at the arena.

Being his first rally since his acquittal, Trump had to talk about the impeachment trial. He said, in part: “Our good Republicans in the United States Senate voted to reject the outrageous partisan impeachment hoax and to issue a full, complete and absolute total acquittal.”


He joked about Democrats still not knowing the results in Iowa and talked about how he wanted to “shake up the Dems a little bit.”

During the rally, Trump told the crowd that he loves the state’s slogan, “Live Free or Die.”  He later added: “The Republican Party is the party of the American worker, the American family, the American dream and the late, great Abraham Lincoln.”


Trump said about his supporters: “We support working families, we reduced the cost of childcare, we’ve expanded paid leave and have given 40 million American families an average of $2,200 in their pockets in child tax credits. We cut more job-killing regulations than other administration in the history of our country.”

During his speech, Trump encouraged the crowd to vote in big numbers in November. “We are going to take back the House of Representatives, keep the Senate and we are going to keep the White House.”

Overflow Space Was Needed Outside

Despite having an arena that held nearly 12,000, many more still were packed outside in the overflow space, watching the rally on a large screen. Here are some photos and videos of the overflow crowd.

The crowd outside was massive.

Here’s another photo of the crowd outside.

And another video.

Trump joked about the size of his rallies during his speech. “We have more than all of the other candidates, meaning the Democrats, put together and multiplied,” he told an enthusiastic crowd.

People Started Lining Up More than a Day Early

GettyPeople line up in the rain and icy weather outside the SNHU arena hours ahead of President Donald Trump’s rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Some supporters waited overnight in raining, freezing weather.

In fact, it was in the mid-20s the night before the rally when people had already started camping out. Boston 25 News reported that “hundreds” camped out the night before.

Even two hours before the rally started, the arena was already filling up.

Here’s a look at the crowd waiting outside when the doors opened.

Here’s another look at the massive line to get into Trump’s rally.

Here are more photos from the rally.






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