Larry Edgeworth: NBC News Staffer Dies From Coronavirus

Larry Edgeworth Coronavirus

Twitter via Savannah Guthrie Larry Edgeworth died on Thursday after testing positive for COVID-19.

Larry Edgeworth, an NBC News audio technician, died on Thursday, March 19 after testing positive for COVID-19. While NBC News did not disclose Edgeworth’s age in their statement, they did reveal that he had underlying health issues which could have made him among “the most vulnerable” Coronavirus cases.

In a statement on Friday morning, NBC News President Andrew Lack wrote “I’m deeply saddened to tell you that we’ve lost a longtime member of our NBC News family – Larry Edgeworth passed away yesterday.” Continuing, he said “Larry most recently worked in the equipment room on the fifth floor, but prior to that he spent most of his 25 years at NBC News as a skilled audio technician, often traveling to the most remote locations. Many of you were fortunate enough to work with Larry over the years, so you know that he was the guy you wanted by your side no matter where you were.”

Edgeworth Worked on the 5th Floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Where an NBC Employee Says People Are Still Working

An NBC employee who worked on the same floor as Edgeworth told that they were informed of Edgeworth’s positive Coronavirus diagnosis on Wednesday, and that he wasn’t the only employee who had tested positive. The source told us that all known positive cases were from the 5th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, and pleaded that NBC needs to “Shut the floor down. I know a majority of people are working from home but there are still people there. [It] shouldn’t be an option at this point.”

On Monday, Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of TODAY, announced on the 9am morning show that a coworker had tested positive for COVID-19, though she did not identify the coworker by name. She said “Last night we learned that a colleague of ours on the third hour of ‘Today’ has tested positive for COVID-19. So out of an abundance of caution, Craig and Al have taken the morning off, so we can trace their contacts, see what is going on with them, we promise to keep you posted, both are fine right now. They feel good, but caution is the order of the day.”

According to a tweet from NBC News Meteorologist Bill Karins posted on Friday morning (announcing Edgeworth’s passing), “Larry left 30 Rock a week ago today saying he didn’t feel well and then tested positive for #COVID19.”

On Thursday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered that 75% of the nonessential workforce must work from home. During a press conference on Friday, shortly after Edgeworth’s passing was made public, Cuomo updated that order to keep 100% of those working nonessential jobs at home in an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Edgeworth’s NBC News Coworkers Paid Tribute to Him on Social Media

As the news of Larry Edgeworth’s passing spread, NBC employees took to social media to remember and pay their respects to their late coworker. From their messages, it was clear how integral a part of the NBC News community Edgeworth was during his 25 years working for the network.

Savannah Guthrie shared a photo of Edgeworth on Twitter, writing “This is our beloved colleague, Larry Edgeworth, who just passed away due to COVID19. I adored him. He was full of spirit and joy and humor. He was the pro of pros. We traveled in 2008 on a campaign plane for two months. He was a bright light every day. Larry, dear, we will miss u.”

Matt Berger responded to Guthrie’s tweet with more photos featuring Edgeworth, writing “This photo made me so sad. We had so much fun together on that bus. Here are a couple more.”

Al Roker tweeted his sentiments as well, writing “Larry Edgeworth was a giant both physically and emotionally. You were always in good hands when he was on your crew. A tremendous loss.”

NBC News Correspondent Tom Winter paid tribute to Edgeworth on Twitter, writing “NBC News is saddened to announce the death of our long-time colleague Larry Edgeworth after he got COVID-19. I have spent months (years?) of my life traveling with Larry to some of this country’s worst tragedies. He was so talented and he will be deeply missed… He was a devoted father to two, a husband, and a friend. We’re less of a place without his smile and talent.”

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