WATCH: Anderson Cooper’s Facial Reaction to Las Vegas Mayor Goes Viral

Anderson Cooper and Carolyn Goodman

CNN CNN's Anderson Cooper and Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman chat on April 22, 2020.

Anderson Cooper was chatting with Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman on Tuesday about Nevada’s most popular city opening back up amid coronavirus, and it appeared that the CNN anchor was emotionally unprepared to hear her plans.

The interview quickly started trending on Twitter after Cooper took off his glasses and rubbed his face in frustration while listening to Goodman speak. When Cooper asked the Las Vegas Mayor what she was doing to help get all of her city’s residents tested for COVID-19 before reopening non-essential businesses, she said, “It’s not my job, it’s the hospitals and health system’s job. And it’s people’s responsibility to know when they are sick.”

In addition to casinos and hotels opening up for business, Goodman said visitors will come “because we have major league sports here,” to which Cooper asked, “So you want stadiums open?” Goodman replied, “I’d love everything open. We’ve had viruses for years.”

According to News 3 Las Vegas, as of April 22, there a total of 4,081 positive cases of coronavirus in Nevada, with a reported 187 deaths. Both numbers are higher than the day before — and the 187 figure represents the biggest jump in a single day, 24 deaths, according to News 3 Las Vegas — showing that Nevada has yet to flatten the curve.

Goldman Previously Called The Enforced City Shut Down ‘Total Insanity’

Despite the increasing numbers, Goodman has spoken adamantly about opening Las Vegas back up with a plan that sounds a bit like survival of the fittest. She told MSNBC host Katy Tur, “Assume everybody is a carrier. And then you start from an even slate. And tell the people what to do. And let the businesses open and competition will destroy that business if, in fact, they become evident that they have disease, they’re closed down. It’s that simple.

“We’ve survived the West Nile and SARS, bird flu, E. coli, swine flu, the Zika virus,” Goodman continued, calling the shut down “total insanity.”

Like Cooper, Tur questioned Goodman’s facts. Of the major diseases listed, “Those were not as contagious,” Tur said. “They were not as contagious and they did not spread as far as this disease has already done.”

“Well, we’ll find out the facts afterward,” Goodman said. “Unfortunately, we all do better in hindsight.”

“But those are the facts,” Tur said, “We have a death toll that proves it. We have cases around the country that prove that. Those are the facts.”

Twitter Had a Strong Reaction to Cooper’s Controversial Interview With Mayor Goodman

Users online listening to Goodman discuss reopening Las Vegas shared their views on Twitter, which made her interview with Cooper go viral. When the CNN reporter buried his face in his hands, many people tweeted that they felt the exact same way. One person wrote, “Give it up [to] @andersoncooper at @CNN when you argue with an idiot, you just bring yourself down to their level. No reasoning with that idiot mayor of Las Vegas.”

Other viewers applauded Cooper for sticking with the facts. One user tweeted, “Anderson Cooper cross-examining the hell out of the mayor of Las Vegas, and he isn’t even a trial attorney. Bravo. MSM, this is how you do it. One followup question after another, never letting up.”

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