Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: Here’s When You’ll Receive Your Check [Updated Timeline]

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has stated it will set up a simple web portal for Americans in the coming days so people can provide their direct deposit information for stimulus money. The IRS web portal will enable users to confirm their banking information so stimulus money can be sent directly to their checking account.

The IRS web portal is still not available as of April 7. However, the IRS coronavirus page will provide information about this web portal as soon as it becomes available.

The most recent information from the IRS about this web portal comes from a March 30 statement: “In the coming weeks, Treasury plans to develop a web-based portal for individuals to provide their banking information to the IRS online, so that individuals can receive payments immediately as opposed to checks in the mail.”

The reason people care so much about direct deposit versus mail with stimulus money is that the direct deposit option will allow them to receive their payments much faster. In some cases, it could mean a difference of months.

For now, there is some information about when exactly you can expect your stimulus money, depending on whether you’re currently set up for mail delivery or direct deposit. (If you set up direct deposit through the web portal, your timeline will likely speed up.)

Here’s what you need to know:

175 Million Americans Are Set to Receive Funds ‘This Week or Next’ if They Have Direct Deposit Set Up

Larry Kudlow, director of the U.S. National Economic Council, told CNBC on April 6 that approximately 175 million Americans will receive their stimulus checks soon. He said the first round of stimulus checks for direct deposit users is set to go out this week or next week. This might be exciting news for some people, particularly those who know they’ve already set up a direct deposit option with the IRS.

But those who have always received their tax refunds by mail might have to wait months to receive their stimulus checks — which is why many Americans are likely wondering when the IRS web portal will be available. Once it’s ready, the portal will be the only way to immediately update one’s IRS account with direct deposit information and therefore the only way to switch one’s stimulus check payment delivery from mail to direct deposit.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do with the IRS until the web portal is set up. There are other ways to provide direct deposit information (through your 2019 tax filing, for example), but those options are not guaranteed to process quickly enough to change the method of delivery for your stimulus money.

According to The Washington Post, the IRS will mail stimulus checks to groups of people by salary, starting with those who earned the least in their most recent tax return.

Here’s the breakdown of the IRS report, as acquired by The Post:

April 15

Millions of Americans should receive their stimulus money through direct deposit. This applies to Americans who have previously provided their banking information to the IRS for the direct deposit of tax returns.

May 1

Checks for earners of $20,000 or less should be in the mail.

May 8

Checks for earners of $30,000 or less should be in the mail.

May 15

Checks for earners of $40,000 or less should be in the mail.

This process will continue each week in the same pattern, sending stimulus checks out in the mail through increments of $10,000. By this strategy, the IRS is set to mail out 5 million checks a week, The Washington Post reports.

Here’s an extended projection of that timeline, based off of this expected pattern:

May 22

Checks for earners of $50,000 or less should be in the mail.

May 29

Checks for earners of $60,000 or less should be in the mail.

June 5

Checks for earners of $70,000 or less should be in the mail.

For joint taxpayers earning $198,000 (the maximum allowed for eligibility), you can expect your stimulus check to be issued in September. If the IRS has no prior tax information on you and you’re filing for the first time, you might have to wait until mid-September for your check — but that might change once you can update your direct deposit information with the IRS web portal.

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