Dr. Oz Under Fire After ‘2-3 Percent’ Trade-Off For Opening Schools Comment

Dr. Oz

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Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiac surgeon and the host of The Dr. Oz Show, has come under fire after certain comments he made during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. During the interview, Dr. Oz spoke about the potential of reopening schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the possible trade-off for doing so.

Here is the clip:

Dr. Oz Says ‘Schools Are a Very Appetizing Opportunity,’ ‘May Only Cost Us 2 to 3 Percent’ in Total Mortality

Dr. Oz said:

We need our mojo back. Let’s start with things that are really critical to the nation where we think we might be able to open without getting into a lot of trouble. I tell you, schools are a very appetizing opportunity. I just saw a nice piece in The Lancer arguing that the opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3% in terms of total mortality. Any life is a life lost, but to get every child back in to a school where they’re safely being educated, being fed and making the most out of their lives with the theoretical risk on the backside, might be a trade-off some folks may consider.

‘Dr. Oz,’ ‘Appetizing’ & ‘Only 2-3%’ Trends on Twitter

After Dr. Oz spoke about the potential trade-off of reopening schools, many Twitter users responded. Three different hashtags started trending on Twitter, “Dr. Oz,” “Appetizing” and “Only 2-3%.”

Strange Days Podcaster Fernand R. Amandi tweeted:

He wrote, “THE TRUMP CULT IS A DEATH CULT. Here’s charlatan quack @DrOz saying kids can go back to school cause only 2-3% will die. For context, there are 56 million+ kids in U.S. schools. 2% – 1.1 million dead kids. 3% – 1.7 million dead kids. F*** you, Dr. Oz.”

President of DiBella Entertainment, Loui DiBella tweeted:

He said, “#DrOz or Dr. EVIL? What in the outrageous, callous f***? I don’t know what oath you took, @DrOz, but how many parents will be willing to chance their child being among the 2 or 3 of every hundred who perish???? And how much trauma for the kids who will lose their friends? Smh.”

Activist Andrea Junker tweeted:

She wrote, “Everyone arguing that ‘only 2-3%’ of children dying isn’t a big deal to get the Dow back on track needs to identify 1 or 2 kids that they are willing to offer up to death. Name them.”

CNN Journalist Sophia A. Nelson tweeted:

She wrote, “Dear @ABC are you okay with this?”

Writer Hal Corley tweeted:

He tweeted, “#DrOz Old enough to remember when ‘we can sacrifice our grandparents to save the economy’ was the solution. Now it’s ‘we can sacrifice 3% more of our children to jump-start the economy.’ In a month, we’ve gone from Soylent Green to infanticide, so we can gather in a food court.”

Writer Erin Pepler tweeted:

She said, “STOP GIVING AIR TIME TO DR. OZ. The man is an actual greed monster who doesn’t care about scientific facts or human lives. You would literally be better off listening to my mom’s friend who thinks vinegar cures Covid-19 because Facebook said so.”

Sci-fi writer Bill McCormick tweeted:

He tweeted, “This is #DrOz family. All he has to do is kill one of his kids on his show and I’ll pay attention to what an acceptable number of dead kids is. Seriously, f*** this guy.”

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