What Is ‘Kahoot!’? The Learning Game Website Explained


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Kahoot! is a popular online education resource used by teachers and parents worldwide to create fun ways to teach students. There are over one billion Kahoot players per year, according to the website.

Kahoot is free and very simple to use. First, a user needs to go to the website and create an account. Once they do, they can then make a learning game or trivia quiz. It can be in any language or on any topic, and the game only takes a few minutes to make.

After, the creator will host a live game in which players can join remotely by going to https://kahoot.it. When players follow the link, they will be asked to enter the unique game PIN that was generated when the game was created. Once they enter the correct PIN, they will be able to enter their name.

Once everyone is connected, the creator can then start the Kahoot. The questions created by the user will then be answered by the players using their electronic devices. As the players answer questions, they’ll earn points whenever they get a question correct.

There are different kinds of Kahoots available, including quizzes, jumbles, surveys, challenges and discussions. A great feature is that there are millions of public games that can be played without the host creating their own Kahoot.

Kahoot! Wants to Improve Education All Over the World & Help Everyone

Kahoot! has stated the company’s mission:

Make learning awesome! We want to improve education all over the world and help everyone – of any age, aptitude or circumstance – unleash the magic of learning. Our vision is to build the leading learning platform in the world.

Instead of looking down into their textbooks or devices, learners in schools, offices and other social settings are encouraged to look up while playing and connect with each other. For us, engagement is about unlocking everyone’s potential.

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