WATCH: Heartwarming Video as Man Reunites With Donkey Post Coronavirus Lockdown

Baldomera donkey coronavirus

Instagram/@baldomerayyo Baldomera the donkey

A Spanish man has posted a heartwarming video of his reunion with his beloved pet donkey as coronavirus restrictions ease.

Man was reunited with beast following a strict period of two-month lockdown in the country and was finally allowed to see his pet again as Spain entered phase 1 of lockdown lifting.

In the video, the man, Ismael Fernández, 38, can be heard calling to his donkey, Baldomera, nicknamed “Baldo,” in the hills of Southern Spain. The donkey, who appears to have been eagerly awaiting his master’s return, rushes out to greet him.

“Where’s my donkey? Where is she? Where have you been? Better yet, where have I been?”

The donkey then starts braying enthusiastically as the man begins to cry.

“I have also missed you,” Fernández goes on to say.

Heartwarming moment man and his pet donkey cry as they are reunited after two months without seeingHeartwarming moment man and his pet donkey cry as they are reunited after two months without seeing each other during Spain’s nationwide coronavirus lockdown Ismael Fernández shared a video on his Facebook account of Monday's reunion with his pet donkey Baldomera at the family's farm in Malaga, Spain The 38-year-old became emotional while petting Baldomera's…2020-05-22T04:43:30Z

Huffington Post reported that it has been two months since Fernández last saw Baldomera, the family donkey.

According to Huffington Post, the reunion took place outside Fernández’s country home in El Borge. Sharing the video on Facebook, he wrote that he wasn’t embarrassed to be shown displaying tears as a sign of his unconditional love for his pet.

Baldomera was a retirement gift that Fernández gave to his father, Antonio, two years ago. The five-year-old donkey has his own Instagram account.

Metro reports that Fernández was unsure if Baldomera would recognize him after his brother had been taking care of the donkey and other animals on the rural property for an extended period of time in his absence.

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