Idaho Woman Investigated for Animal Abuse After Boxing Dog

Idaho Woman Boxing Dog

Twitter Idaho Woman Boxing Dog

A formal investigation has been launched by the Idaho Humane Society after a video went viral on social media of a woman boxing her dog. The woman is from the Treasure Valley in Idaho, according to a Facebook post from the society.

In the Snapchat video, a woman repeatedly punched her German Shepherd while wearing boxing gloves. During the 12-second clip, the woman punched the dog 10 times in the head.

Warning: the video may be disturbing to some viewers:

Video of girl punching dog sparks investigationThe Idaho Humane Society launched an investigation after this video began circulating on social media.2020-05-05T17:47:56Z

During the video, an individual in the background said, “We’re boxing animals. Where’s Sarah McLachlan?” The Canadian singer-songwriter McLachlan is a well-known animal rights activist, and she has been featured in many end-animal-cruelty commercials.

At the end of the video, the woman landed a hard punch and the dog yelped. She said, “I hit him so hard I felt that through …” The video ended abruptly.

The name of the woman has not been publicly released.

The Video Went Viral on Social Media & the Idaho Humane Society Has Launched an Investigation

The video started circulating online via social media, with many viewers calling what happened in the clip animal abuse. According to the Idaho Humane Society’s May 4th Facebook post, their “Animal Care and Control office is receiving an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails” about the video.

In the Facebook post, the society said:

We started an official investigation as a result of this video. This morning the individual was identified and we sent a Humane Officer to discuss the situation. The investigation is currently pending review at the local prosecutor’s office for a charging decision.

According to the organization, if the prosecutor does decide to charge the woman, it may be for 25-3518. BEATING AND HARASSING ANIMALS. The Idaho Humane Society wrote:

Every person who cruelly whips, beats or otherwise maliciously treats any animal, or maliciously harasses with a dog any cattle, horses, sheep, hogs or other livestock shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be punished in accordance with section 25-3520A, Idaho Code.

According to the Idaho Statesman, it is a misdemeanor charge that carries a maximum prison sentence of six months and up to a $5,000 fine.

The Woman Defended Her Actions in the Video, Saying That Her Dog ‘Never Got Hurt’

Many Reacted Online to the Video of the Idaho Woman Punching Her Dog

The video has been shared all over social media, garnering a lot of comments about animal abuse.

One person wrote, “Local officials need to REMOVE the dog! No matter if the cop dad says it’s ok it is NOT! It’s not ‘silly’! Who raises such ignorant?!!” Another said, “Please at least remove the pup and have it examined by a vet. It could have a broken jaw and brain injuries.”

One individual said, “Very sad. I just hope the dog was taken until the mess gets sorted out. Sweet pup.” Someone said, “That was so sad to see that poor helpless animal be treated that way. Please make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Someone said, “This is how good animals get put down. She can make him mean or frightened. Next is a bite. I adopted a dog like that.”

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