WATCH: Video Shows Paint Fight at a Home Depot in Florida

Paint Fight Home Depot

Twitter Paint fight at Home Depot

A strange video is making the rounds on social media showing four men involved in an extremely messy paint fight. The incident occurred in the parking lot outside a Home Depot store in Tampa, Florida.

A bystander captured the fight on video, which starts mid-fight and shows one man in a blue shirt throwing an open paint can at another man. A third is wielding a garden spade. The fourth man can be seen picking up a paint can but before he can throw it, the man in the blue shirt begins to strike him.

The video has been posted on Twitter and is available here:

Things appear to de-escalate toward the end of the video as a few bystanders and two Home Depot staff talk to the men. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office told the New York Post that they’re not sure what caused the incident, but that “the men all knew each other and worked together.” None of them pressed charges.

Heavy reached out to Home Depot for more information about the altercation but did not immediately hear back.

Police Responded to Another Incident at a Home Depot This Week, This One in Jonesboro, Ark.

This isn’t the first incident to happen at a Home Depot this week. Police in Jonesboro, Ark., was called to respond to an altercation at a Home Depot on May 16, KAIT8 reported. The outlet wrote that 69-year-old Charles Tyrone Brown told police officers that he had asked the 71-year-old victim to stand farther away from him and obey social distancing, but the man told him “that wasn’t going to happen.”

Brown told police that the victim refused to give him space and placed his hand on his holstered weapon. Brown said that’s when he hit the victim with a boxed Dremel tool to defend himself, and the victim fell and hit his head, getting a cut above his left eye in the process. The police stated that neither of the two men was arrested.

Home Depot Stayed Open as an Essential Business During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Home Depot stayed open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as other businesses closed their doors, as they are considered an essential retailer. The company stated that many safety measures were put in place to keep employees and customers safe, including:

Closing stores early to allow more time for sanitization and restocking, limiting the number of customers allowed into stores at one time [and] promoting social and physical distancing practices in stores by marking floors, adding signage and plexiglass shields to help customers and associates maintain safe distances.

As of 8:00 a.m. on May 21, Florida was reporting 48,675 positive cases of coronavirus in the state and 2,144 deaths. However, the state has been facing scrutiny for its reporting of cases and some are concerned with the accuracy of the results reported. More recently, Rebekah Jones, a Florida data scientist, said she was fired from her job for not altering the COVID-19 stats in favor of the state reopening.

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