Princess Maria Galitzine of Austria Dies in Houston, Texas, at Age 31

Princess Maria Galitzine

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Princess Maria Galitzine Singh of Austria, who descended from an emperor in the famed Habsburg dynasty, has died in Houston, Texas. Her obituary says her cause of death was “from a sudden cardiac aneurysm.”

Singh died in Houston, Texas, on the morning of Monday, May 4, according to the obit. It says the princess was “born in 1988 to Prince and Princess Piotr Galitzine in the city of Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.” She was married to Rishi Roop Singh, a chef in Houston, with whom she had a 2-year-old son named Maxim.

According to Hola!, the 31-year-old princess was a descendant of Emperor Karl I and Zita de Borbon-Parma. Tatler describes the princess as descending “from the Habsburg dynasty.” Her great-grandparents “were the last Emperor and Empress of Austria.” After World War I, Singh’s great-grandparents were exiled from Austria. Her great grandfather was Charles I of Austria.

The Habsburg line comes through Singh’s mother, Maria Anna, who is the daughter of Archduke Rudolf of Austria, Charles I’s youngest son, according to Paper City. Her father Piotr was described as a “Russian aristocrat.” The Habsburg dynasty ruled Austria for nearly 600 years, the magazine notes. One of Galitzine’s sisters, Tatiana, told the publication, “At home, my father speaks Russian to us, the girls speak French to each other, and the boys speak German.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Princess Specialized in Interior Design Work

According to her obituary, the princess built a career in interior design. “She returned with the family to Russia as a five-year old in 1993, attending the German School of Moscow,” the obit reads.

“Upon graduation she moved to Belgium to attend the CAD school. Afterwards she lived and worked in Brussels, Chicago and Houston, specializing in interior design and furnishing.”

The obit says she is survived by her sisters Xenia Galitzine de Matta, Tatiana Galitzine Sierra and Princess Alexandra, her brothers, Princes Dmitri and Ioann, and her parents, Princess Maria-Anna (born Archduchess of Austria) and Prince Piotr Galitzine.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Singh’s father is “the chairman and CEO of TMK IPISCO, a Russian-owned gas and pipe-making company.” Her two sisters also live in Houston, Texas. Singh filled her Facebook page, which has since been made private, with photos showing her with family and friends.

The Princess Was Married Only Three Years Ago

According to Hola!, the princess married her husband, who is the chef at the Derek Hotel in Houston, only three years ago in a “romantic ceremony at her parents’ Texan home.”

The publication says the family has been beset with tragedy, as Singh’s niece died of coronavirus. The princess was described in that article as a private person who didn’t court the limelight.

Husband Rishi Singh’s LinkedIn page describes him as an “experienced Executive Chef with a demonstrated history of working in the Restaurants industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Natural Foods, Food & Beverage, Planograms, Retail, and Organics.” He was previously chef at Boheme, another Houston-area restaurant, for more than eight years. Rishi Singh’s Facebook page largely focuses on cooking and family.

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