Rapper Dave East Issued Citation For Marijuana Possession & Disorderly Conduct

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Early in the morning on May 22, Rapper Dave East was pulled over by the NYPD and reportedly issued a citation for disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana. The rapper, whose real name is David Brewster, was a passenger sitting in the backseat of an SUV when it was pulled over. The police told NBC New York that the vehicle was pulled over for failing to signal a turn near the Queensbridge Houses.

The driver of the vehicle, who wasn’t named, did not receive any tickets, but police said that East and another passenger were both “combative” when the officers requested to see their identification. The NYPD also said that they found more than half a dozen bags of weed in the vehicle, according to NBC New York.

The NYPD told Heavy that East was issued two summonses, one for disorderly conduct and one for unlawful possession of marijuana, and was released.

East posted a video of the incident on his Instagram afterward, showing him in handcuffs:

The Incident Happened Hours Before East Was Reportedly Supposed to Attend a Close Friend’s Funeral

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Pain Is Life..

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East was apparently supposed to be attending the funeral of a close friend on Friday, May 22, just hours after the night’s events. On the video, one woman can be heard saying, “East, you gotta be to be at the funeral tomorrow.”

East was close friends with rapper Kiing Shooter, who died on May 5 from complications related to COVID-19. East made reference to Shooter in his Instagram post responding to the NYPD’s citations. He wrote as a caption: “REST IN PARADISE SHOOTER SH*T DONT STOP F**C NYPD TILL I SEE U AGAIN.”

East and Shooter frequently appeared on each other’s tracks, such as East appearing on Shooter’s track “Eye Witness” in 2019 and Shooter appearing on East’s track “Traumatized” in 2018.

East Recently Opened Up About Growing Up in New York, Playing Basketball & His Music Career

East recently sat down for an interview with SSENSE and shared his experiences growing up in New York. He was a promising basketball player and played on AAU teams with Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley, and said that “90% of my team went to the NBA, or at least Division I basketball.” He said he always assumed that he would be a shooting guard in the NBA, maybe for the Toronto Raptors.

What derailed his basketball hopes was getting caught with a gun when he was playing for Towson University and going to jail in Baltimore. He said when he got out, he lost his scholarship and “didn’t want to have to deal with people judging.” East shared that while it’s not normal for an athlete to have a record, “with rap, they love you for that more.”

He said what really changed his rap career was getting discovered by Nas and his brother Jungle:

When Nas’s brother Jungle told me that his brother was playing my shit, I was like, ‘Jungle is just talking shit.’ But then he went on Angie Martinez’s show and shouted me out. After that, shit has never been the same. It was the cosign of all cosigns.

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