81-Year-Old’s Sadomasochistic Beating Causes Death of Lover

Alan Bischof, 81, told police his lover died from a sadomasochistic beating but that he wasn't hitting as hard as he possible could.

An 81-year-old Houston man is charged with the death of his lover after beating the 65-year-old at his request. According to police, Alan Bishof confessed to the beating in files that were found on his work computer and discovered by security personnel where he worked at the Chevron Corporation.

Among the documents discovered was one that described in”great detail” Bischof’s relationship with Craig LaMell, the man he killed. According to court documents, Bischof and LaMell “had a sexual relationship, they engaged in sadomasochistic behavior, and leading up to and on the day of the initial assault, November 7, 2019, LaMell had requested Bischof to assault him.”

When police interviewed Bischof he told them he and LaMell had planned the beating for many weeks and that LaMell wanted Bischof to punch him in the face “repeatedly with his fists.” Bischof said he hit LaMell four to five times. According to the police report the 81-year-old “said he felt that while the blows were hard, they were not as hard as he could possibly punch someone.”

In one of the files, Bischof described how he hit LaMell until a gash opened over his eye that was bleeding profusely. He described LaMell as a “helpless baby.”

LaMell Was Admitted to the Hosptial After the Incident But Told Police He was Jumped

Houston Police Department

Court records show that LaMell had injuries to not only his face but also his upper body and arms when he sought medical treatment. He said he’d been attacked by several men on a trail near where he lived. He was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma, or a brain bleed, and admitted to the hospital on Nov. 8. He spent 11 days in the hospital with five or six days in the intensive care unit. No surgery was done and he was sent home on Nov. 19.

On Nov. 29 his sister, who was also his neighbor, Donna LaMell, went to her brother’s house and found him on the floor. She called 911 and he was readmitted to the hospital where he died on Dec. 2 of blunt force head trauma, according to court records.

Other files discovered on Bischof’s work computer showed that he and LaMell agreed to say that LaMell was attacked by strangers, however, police say they were suspicious because LaMell had given them three different versions of how he was attacked. There was the version of the men on the trail, another story was that he said he was beaten by the ex-husband of a woman he was dating, and the final version was that LaMell said he’d intervened in a fight at a night club.

Police did interview Bischoff prior to the work files being exposed. At that time Bischoff said that he’d seen LaMell the day he was beaten, claiming to have been at his house, then left. But Bischoff said LaMell called him to come back hours later and that’s when he claimed he found Lamell injured and bleeding, but said LaMell wouldn’t tell Biscoff how it happened.

Bischof Wrote That He Planned to Kill Himself After Causing His Lover’s Death

GettyPhoto of a handcuffed man.

In a file called “Confession” that was found on his work computer, he said he was going to take his own life and apologized for misleading the police. He also wrote that he was guilty of killing LaMell, according to court documents. He’d written suicide notes to his own family and to LaMell’s family, along with a to-do list of things to take care of before committing suicide.

On May 20, Alan Bischof was charged with aggravated assault of a family member, a first-degree felony. Under Texas law assault against someone you are having a romantic relationship with falls under the umbrella term “family member.”

No other criminal records come up for Bischof in Harris County. He was released on a $50,000 bond the same day he was arrested.

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