Sean ‘DaDon’ Reed Shot Dead by Indianapolis Police During Facebook Live Video

Sean Reed

Facebook Sean "DaDon" Reed

On May 6, Dreasjon “Sean” Reed was shot and killed by Indianapolis police while the entire incident was captured on his “Sean DaDon” Facebook Live. The video shows Reed driving his car while being chased by police. He then parks the car, saying he’s at 62nd and Michigan streets, and begins running, at which point his phone is dropped and gunshots are heard.

According to the IMPD’s report of the incident, “Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (IEMS) responded to the scene and pronounced the driver deceased at the scene.” The report also states that “there was an exchange of gunfire between the driver and the officer.” The police report did not provide the name of the victim, but it is presumed to be Reed.

The live stream continues after the shooting for a few minutes. In a clip of the live stream after the shooting, a presumed officer is heard saying, “Oh he actually got one off?” and another presumed officer says, “looks like it’s gonna be a closed casket homie.” The video continues for a few minutes until an officer approaches and turns it off.

The original live stream has been removed by Facebook but a clip of it is available below. Warning: the video is graphic and may disturb viewers.

There Is a Police Investigation & the Details of the Incident Remain Unclear

The circumstances of the police chase and shooting are still unclear. The IMPD reported that police officers began a pursuit of a vehicle “driving recklessly.” According to the police report of the incident, the officer involved in the shooting has been placed on leave until the investigation is completed. Heavy has reached out to the IMPD for a statement but did not immediately hear back.

There have been many protests in Indianapolis since the shooting, with a video showing protesters facing a line of police officers at the crime scene as well as a protest and march in the city.

The Clip of the Facebook Live Video Shows Reed Leaving His Car & Running From Police Prior to the Shooting

The clip starts with Reed driving his car while being chased by police. He then says, “What street is this? I’m going to park this motherf***er and get the f*** out.”

He then says he’s at 62nd and Michigan streets and “somebody come get my stupid a**. Please come get me.”

Reed parks the car, grabs his phone and starts running. As he is running, an officer is heard in the background shouting at Reed. Reed then yells, “F*** you,” at which point he groans and drops his phone to the ground.

It’s unclear if Reed is tased or shot when he drops his phone. However, after someone in the background shouts “s**t,” gunshots are heard on the video. The clip ends with a police officer in the background, presumably on the radio, saying: “Police active shooting.”

Reed’s profile states that he was originally from Indianapolis but lived in Fort Worth, Texas. He had a sister and a 2-year-old niece who both live in Indianapolis. He also served in the U.S. Air Force in 2017 for just under a year.

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