WATCH: Over 70 Cars Stolen from Dealership in San Leandro, California

San Leandro Dodge Chrysler Dealership

Facebook San Leandro Doge Chrysler dealership.

Last weekend, over 70 vehicles were stolen from the San Leandro CDJR car dealership in California. After George Floyd died in police custody on May 25, protests and riots have swept the nation and cities throughout the United States have been subjected to looting.

As of Wednesday, around 30 cars from the dealership had been located by police, the Los Angeles Times reported. In an interview with KPIX CBS, the dealership owner, Carlos Hidalgo, said, “We have trackers on [the cars], so we’re seeing which ones are out there. They’re running around everywhere.”

Hidalgo said that thieves broke into the dealership’s building and accessed the key safe. He believes they used the car alarms to figure out which vehicle each key belonged to. Among the vehicles stolen were Dodge Challenger Hellcats — a car priced around $90,000.

Multiple people shared videos on social media of the cars being stolen from Hidalgo’s dealership. Andrew Renowitzky from San Lorenzo shared the following clips:

An Instagram user who goes by “bennyblanco_svtkilr” shared another clip:

Hidalgo Was Preparing for Thieves as a Nike Store Was Being Looted Across the Street

Dozens Of Cars Stolen From Dodge Dealership During San Leandro LootingIn one of the cities hardest hit by civil unrest, looting and destruction, a San Leandro car dealership was taking stock Monday of the damage and loss from looters, including the theft of dozen of new cars. Kiet Do reports. (6/1/20)2020-06-01T19:54:05Z

KPIX CBS’s report, which shows the aftermath of the looting as well as Hidalgo’s comments about the incident, can be watched above.

Hidalgo had a bit of time to prepare for the incoming looters last weekend, according to the report. Before the dealership was looted, a Nike store across the street from the dealership was hit by thieves. Hidalgo had his employees move a few cars to block the dealership’s driveway.

Once the vehicles blocked the driveway, Hidalgo told his employees to “retreat and get out of there,” according to the outlet’s report. The blockade did not work, however, and dozens of vehicles were taken.

In the video above, a vehicle is shown with a severely damaged front end. It was used to move other cars out of the way, according to the report.

Two Men Were Arrested in Connection With One of the Stolen Vehicles

Police say that they arrested two men after officers found them traveling in a stolen vehicle from Hidalgo’s dealership, KVTU reported. The California Highway Patrol monitored a call of a stolen vehicle traveling north on Interstate 5. Employees of the San Leandro CDJR dealership tracked the car for the police.

The suspects, identified as 20-year-olds Kahleel Aaron Duval Powell III and Anthony Kaplin, were chased by police for 13 miles until the car ran out of gas, the outlet reported. The car has been described as a dark-colored Dodge Journey, and it has been returned to the dealership.

The two men were booked at Kings County Jail. The charges the two men face remain unclear. Many of the dealership’s vehicles that have been located were stripped for parts, Fox KTVU reported.

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